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Support for Win2003

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I am having issues with Malwarebytes freezing my server when real-time protection mode is enabled. Server freezez and needs a hard boot. When it is disabled server runs fine.

I first became aware of Malwarebytes on Cnet with great reviews. They have Win2003 listed on there supported OS. I have uses Malwarebytes on my local workstations with no problem with real-time protection.

I have been having an increase in malware issues on my network and would love to have real-time protection working on my server.

Does realtime protection work on win2003??



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Could you give us a little more info on your server? Like what other sercurity apps are you using on it. What Antivirus Software?

I had this issue happen on 2 diffrent win2003 file servers both had AVG 8.5 and Malwarebytes installed only freezes when realtime mode is enabled

Malwarebytes and AVG8.5 work nice on my 150 workstations. So it must be something diffrent on the server..mybe because it is a file server that everyone on the network has a map drive to the shares... :D

Thanks for the reply.


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Just to make it clear. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is not officially supported on any Server operating system.

However, that said as long as other security software is not in conflict with it then it does work quite well.

A server though has a lot more complexity to it though and you really need to be aware of what you're doing and how you use it or you can easily cripple your server.

Please follow the directions by Jacktivity and we'll help you out.


# Version: 1.41

# File Size: 3.85 MB

# Operating Systems: Microsoft

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