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F.P turbolab.it mistakenly detected


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It appears that malwarebytes browser guard detects turbolab.it (only when you visit its forum) due to "reputation"

It is an italian site with a forum about computers (Windows 10 / Android /Linux), it doesn't host any file.


I'm not  the site owner, I'm just a member ( a voluntary moderator to be exact).


Can you please check then delist it?

Thank you in advance.




see also https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/https/turbolab.it



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Hi guys,

my name is Gianluigi "Zane" Zanettini, I'm turbolab.it domain owner and leofelix teammate.

I just finished an audit of the site: everything seems to be OK on our side. I checked the integrity of our server, both of the OS and of our application. I got no incidents neither  in our Google Search Console nor on https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search?url=https:%2F%2Fturbolab.it%2F&hl=en

Please let us now SPECIFICALLY why your blocking our site and I'll do whatever I can to fix the issues.

Please reply FAST because you are hurting our traffic and reputation.


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My guess is that the problem is with Comodo Valkyrie Verdict here:


You may need to get it cleared up with them before it can be cleared here. And I doubt that the staff will be able to help you before late Monday your time when they come back to work.


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Hi alvarnell,

thank you for your reply.


I found out that Comodo Valkyrie dectected a file hosted in an article dated back in 2014, sorry I was not aware of it, I have to take care of our forum.

This one https://verdict.valkyrie.comodo.com/url/domain/result?domain=turbolab.it


Date scanned Verdict URL
2019-05-22 03:21:42
turbolab. it / scarica/4


Downloaded Files (1)

Date scanned Verdict Hash
2019-05-22 03:21:16





The file has been since removed


VT results



Comodo, Rising AV and Nano Antivirus detect it as a PuP.


I posted a removal request at the Comodo Forum (I was the only member logged in... )



Whilst Malwarebytes Browser Guard ( that I beta tested as well as I beta tested Malwarebytes Antimalware 0.97 time ago) detects because of "Reputation", not sure what malwarebytes means for "reputation" there is no malware, no malicious URL in our forum, no questionable content as far as I know.


Thank you again for your advice, we'll wait for a Malwarebytes Staff response.


With kind regards


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