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  1. I couldn't tell for certain what it was, but I believe it was a component of ReiBoot (Tenorshare). In any case, tonights scan found them all again.
  2. Manually updated after reading this announcement. Detected once less PUP than usual.
  3. @SixTwo this is a no "me too" forum. Separate topics are required for each new request.
  4. I can confirm for you that Big Sur on a Mac platform as macOS is not considered to be a server OS.
  5. Thanks for getting back to us. You are not able to delete this post, and I expect the admin to be by shortly to move it or if you are in a rush you can just copy and post to the Windows forum. BrowserGuard is a separate plugin available for Chrome and Firefox browsers, so we now know that you are talking about the Malwarebytes app feature.
  6. I have to wonder if you have posted in the correct forum. This is for help with removal of malware from a macOS system, but from what I can see it would appear that the detections took place in a Windows environment (C drive) and a Windows application (AvastSvc.exe). If I'm correct I'll have an admin move your posting to the correct forum for you. I also wonder if you experienced this using a BrowserGuard plugin or the Malwarebytes application. @AdvancedSetup
  7. @foobar posted the same problem to six different forums (three have now been deleted) because they kept getting error saying that forum was not available.
  8. You'll need to wait on staff to return after the long weekend to research that for you.
  9. I feel certain that the staff will be asking you to download and run a support tool which will give them the information they need about those failures in order to either modify something on their end or give you specific instructions to rid yourself of those remnants. You will need to open a support ticket in order to do so, rather than posting anything here that might include privacy information. You probably won't hear anything back until at least tomorrow and there will likely be a large backload due to the long holiday weekend.
  10. Please post a screenshot of what BrowerGuard is showing you. It's a long weekend, so staff may not respond until Monday. Tests as clean with both http and https on VirusTotal.
  11. I did receive an email for @AlexSmith's reply to this thread. I did have one instance of a community temporarily not available several hours ago.
  12. Although I have not taken a look at that specific piece of software from iMobie, I doubt that it is any threat to your computer beyond the attempt to make you pay for it to perhaps do what you wanted it to. I took a look at another of their products called phoneclean and didn't find anything malicious about it, just annoyingly urges me to upgrade to the pro version. iMobie has been around since 2011, so if there were something truly illegitimate about their software, I'm sure there would be gone or renamed by now. A review site that has a fairly good reputation in the industry is Tru
  13. Are you sure you are in the right place? Antimalware Service Executable is the Windows Defender’s background process for Windows 10.
  14. Still a mystery. Another thread on this topic has indicated that the staff has been investigating this among the few users who are seeing this by studying enhanced debugging logs, but to date have not discovered exactly what commonality exists to cause it. Some speculation that it may be related to large home directories or other areas being monitored, but that hasn't been shown to be the case in all instances. Not sure what to suggest since the staff has not responded here, yet. You might want to read through this lengthy discussion that started back in October:
  15. Malwarebytes for Mac is the GUI application that runs in the foreground and can be found in your Applications folder. The only time that needs to be running is when you need access to one of the dashboard functions (manual scan, take remedial actions, preference changes, view log, etc.). macOS doesn't have a "tray" so are you saying that the icon in the "dock" is still active (a dot below) or are your referring to the "M" icon in the menubar? When I quit Malwarebytes for Mac the dot below the dock icon disappears, indicating that it is no longer active. Malwarebytes Agent is a totally se
  16. I'm not exactly clear on what you had to do. What was suggested was to make sure to not be running the "Malwarebytes" app at the time (i.e. Selecting "Quit" from the Malwarebytes menu or typing <Command>-Q), but what you described sounds like you many have also had to quit the "Malwarebytes Agent" background process from Activity Monitor. Am I interpreting that correctly?
  17. OK. Unfortunately, Chrome is rather unique in squirreling away it's preferences which require such a drastic step to restore user settings.
  18. https://vnwaste.com was found by 5 scanners to be infected five months ago, but now shows as suspicious to Forcepoint, but clean to all others. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/58ab58423daacb9ad0472db43b7618fdad86fdbef220a90fabc8e844319af50b/detection http://vnwaste.com shows clean You may need to wait until Monday for resolution as it's the weekend now.
  19. Usual advice to try uninstalling then reinstalling Malwarebytes.
  20. See https://www.malwarebytes.com/pup/ for PUP Reconsideration Information and Request Form.
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