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  1. Sorry, but I’m very confused about all this. I do realize that Apple documentation says that 2018071800 is current, do we have any evidence that 2018121000 is older? Based on Apple numbering schemes in other cases, it would seem the opposite is true and that we are all actually on the most current version and Apple's documentation has not caught up.
  2. That's perfectly normal. URL shorteners are notoriously used to redirect to malicious and annoying sites and there is no way for Malwarebytes to know the ultimate destination so must block them all. Users should always turn “previews” on for services that allow that when using shortcuts and avoid using others to avoid phishing, unwanted advertising or ransomware/other malware attacks. The Malwarebytes extension will have to be temporarily be disabled in order to do that.
  3. I'll just add that "Clean" isn't an option with Malwarebytes for Mac. It's almost impossible to clean most Mac infections.
  4. Not sure why you would be looking at cookies. No malicious harm is known to result from them.
  5. When I checked on this last night I did find that dsoffer.com was a registered as a valid domain for one day and that it does have a link to adware: https://www.webdoctx.com/www.dsfoffer.com.
  6. The developer @treed confirmed that the OP's analysis (and my confirmation) was correct. Yes, by using the technique outlined above by the OP (control-click on the Dock icons and select Options->Show in Finder) the static one pointed to /Applications while the active on to /Library/Application\ Support/Malwarebytes/MBAM/Engine.bundle/Contents/PlugIns/FrontendApplication.app
  7. Thanks, I'll put put a BBEdit in the dock and see what happens with the next update. But the Malwarebytes situation is unique in that the icon shown in the /Applications folder is not where the application is actually located. It is a stub used to launch the actual application located in the /Library/Applications Support/Malwarebytes/... folder. I've never run across a similar setup, but it has been confirmed that this was the reason for two icons in this particular discussion.
  8. I'm running macOS 10.14.3 and BBEdit 12.6.1 and don't see that problem. BBEdit is a normal application located in the /Applications directory (folder). When I click on the icon and select Options->Show in Finder it only goes to that app. I can only guess you have two copies of BBEdit somewhere and you should view each icon in Finder to figure out where the older one is located.
  9. I just downloaded Malwarebytes-Mac- and the installer had no problems with it. Your file should be 12,846,828 bytes (12.8 MB on disk), dated March 14, 2019 (possibly 13th depending on your local time zone) and an MD5 hash value of 7eb947dff237c09bdc2215660d0d58cd. If the file you have doesn't match then you are getting a corrupted copy for some reason.
  10. No, your update will not revert to trial and will continue to use your current license, transparently. macOS is quite different from your Windows experience in both vulnerability to infection as well as ability to access protected areas, so many of the Windows features included are unnecessary on a Mac. In other cases, there are plans to add new features to the Mac version, some of which are currently Windows features, but have proven to be difficult to implement, again due to Apple rules. Most, if not all will probably be premium features. There is no timeline for implementation.
  11. I had typed out a response saying the same thing, but when I went to the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/intego-virusbarrier-scanner/id1200445649?mt=12 I was surprised to find: And it is legit. I've had it installed and an earlier version for many years.
  12. iTunes error 9 is not related to an malware on your iPhone, so it's doubtful you will find any meaningful answers here. If that article you referenced doesn't help, then you almost certainly will need to take it in to the Apple Store Genius for testing and evaluation (free). You might also find an answer among these discussions: https://discussions.apple.com/search?page=1&content=filterDiscussions&q=itunes error 9
  13. It's in a preference file that is at /Users/<UserName>/Library/Preferences/com.apple.dock.plist and would not be a good idea to manually edit it, especially when the Finder already provides adequate controls to do so.
  14. I suspect you are correct. I've never had Malwarebytes in my Dock, so I tried that and can confirm the same behavior you are seeing. When I followed my own instructions for app removal and keeping the Engine.bundle Plugin, I found that I can launch the "app" by using the new icon, without spawning a new running icon. So it does appear that a non-standard method here.
  15. I would recommend you temporarily remove the left (launch) icon from your dock by either click and hold on it then drag it up so that it goes "poof" when you release the mouse click or hold down the Control -key then click and hold until the menu pops up and select Options->Remove from Dock. Now click and hold on the running icon until the menu pops up and select Options->Keep in Dock. But I don't find this to be common with macOS and have never experienced it in the two decades that I've used Macs, so there could be a deeper issue.
  16. Adware Cleaner is Windows only, so clearly not necessary. You might be interested in the beta extensions for Chrome and / or Firefox, if you use either. That blocks ads that sometimes cause adware-like issues when browsing.
  17. What System? This discussion topic concerns OS X 10.6.8 and there has never been a version of Malwarebytes that ever worked with 10.6.8, in fact it shouldn't even have allowed you to install it in 10.6.8, so why post here?
  18. See the instructions for Chrome in the topic at the top of this forum:
  19. It would appear that your System is damaged as there should certainly be an /etc/sudoers file to allow admin users to perform the uninstall from the command line script. I suspect you will need to re-install your OS from Recovery.
  20. Thanks, got mine earlier today.
  21. I know, that's why I was asking.
  22. To whom it may concern... 1.2.2 will expire in another day or so and I haven't been notified by Testflight of the 1.3.1 update yet.
  23. Apple doesn't really certify that an app is safe, only that it follows it's established rules. Even then, there have been apps which slipped by and had to later be pulled. In the specific case of "Open Any File" when I last evaluated it I found it to be an app used to advertise for Trend Micro apps whenever you tried to open a file that couldn't otherwise be opened by an App that you have. Worse yet, it also was hijacking files that should have been opened by apps that I had installed. Another user started a discussion about all this over a year ago which eventually resulted in Malwarebytes determining it was unethical behavior:
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