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  1. Five scanners appear to disagree, although it appears from the community remark that you already know that: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/ffba0f04d1b5bbd85586f05beb4c66dad44ae6110f1acc69e1b2200573edab50/detection You may need to clear things up with those other scanners before Malwarebytes can give you a clean bill of health.
  2. No, you've done all you need to do by letting Malwarebytes dev team about it so they can improve the installer to not require Rosetta 2 in the future. As long as your's is otherwise working properly, there should be nothing else required.
  3. Possibly because there is a component that is not the app executable itself that hasn't been made universal yet. Something the coders will need to look into.
  4. Usually has been running a week or more this year due to both backlog and pandemic, but @AdvancedSetup should be able to shorten that once he has ticket in hand.
  5. The only thing the staff has told us in that regard is that they use "multiple sources" for such information. I know for certain that VirusTotal is one of those, but apparently there are many others. There is a great amount of information sharing among the browser protection community, especially when malware sources are concerned. I think you should agree that it is better for your users to be safe than sorry, especially where the elderly are concerned. BTW, I'm 79 and that's long been my attitude.
  6. One of the requirements for such requests in this forum asks that you post the results of checking the URL on VirusTotal, so I've done that for you: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/6509c1a486fff11f68347aa8b47c13fb2300fe4498bffdd506d169b0150052de/detection It may be necessary for you to clear things up with G-Data about their "Malware" determination before the staff here will be able to remove their classification.
  7. Clean on VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/a80900c2b78dbe0fc1edba9a9d553d3d01f44c74dc4258bdbf02237f661b94ed/detection
  8. You may need to clear things up with Forcepoint to get off the blacklist here. Staff should be here tomorrow to judge.
  9. The staff rarely works on weekends, but will certainly be here on Monday morning to take care of it.
  10. Just as you have here, submit as False Positive. Something like this: https://opentip.kaspersky.com/http%3A%2F%2Fhousestay.com%2F/ and ask to be Reanalyzed.
  11. Kaspersky has carried you as a phishing site for at least a couple of months. You may have to get that cleared up before it can be cleared here. <https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/44a94637a40ae00b99a4de702e5adb353f86a66c262bff31809c320bcdd74ad4/detection>
  12. It simply copies logs from your computer which you will be able to scan before you send them, if that's the concern. Malwarebytes outlines what it collects and how it is used in great detail in this Privacy Policy.
  13. Three scanners disagree with your assessment that the website is clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/e29efb638308345f76cd103d2212df9f500ccce34e2c75f8cf9afbf9f45b711b/detection
  14. Sorry if I wasn't clear. That's exactly what I meant and you can easily verify that by checking the Chrome downloads page and looking in your default download folder for anything you don't recognize having downloaded.
  15. Sorry, I don't believe anybody here can help with license issues. Perhaps if you can spell out the issue in better detail, someone can give you enough clues to set you straight. If the problem cannot be solved refer to this, but otherwise you must contact the sales support team by filling out this form https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/requests/new to get help. Unfortunately that office is over worked and understaffed due to the pandemic and other factors, so it may be several days up to a week before they can get around to you.
  16. As long as you didn't click on any links while that page was displayed, then Chrome (or any other browser in use on your Mac) will not download anything without you knowing it. Also, if you simply click on the three vertical dots at the right end of address bar on Chrome or type Command-Option-L you'll get a list of everything that was downloaded. Lastly, anything downloaded would have appeared in your download folder, nowhere else.
  17. I see you also posted this in both Mac and Android Support, but it's clearly an iPhone. But also appears to have nothing to do with Malwarebytes, so what kind of help are you looking for? I've asked for this posting to be moved to the iOS Forum.
  18. I'll just say that the Malwarebytes for Mac team is looking into adopting new features for future releases, some portions of what you listed and some others that I suspect are currently of higher priority. The Company has a policy of not revealing details of any future features or their schedule until they can be proven and tested. Often such announcements are revealed as beta tests, so keep an eye on that section of the Forum for any such announcements. But I will point out that that there are already solid solutions for everything you mentioned from other vendors that you didn't cover,
  19. Not sure what you are getting at. Of course it shows you exactly when it was installed, but only for the last thirty days? Everything in your screenshot was today, do you also see installations over thirty days not shown in the shot?
  20. Yes they do, but with automatic updates they will move from Updates to Updated Recently for thirty days, so you may not notice them before they have installed. I'm a bit more of a control freak, so I do all updates I can manually. I think only the Google apps are still able to work around that most of the time.
  21. It's my understanding from the Howard Oakley blog analysis, that all apps are verified every time they are launched in Big Sur, regardless of their origin. If hash values of all executables match what's been stored locally in the TCC database, then verification goes relatively fast. If not that means there have been changes (normally from updates) and Apple's on-line database must be checked to see if they match any hash that executable ever had that was not revoked. So you can't be certain that the App wasn't updated before you launch it, which should explain why some are faster than
  22. I never mentioned 365 and completely understood that they were from the MAS. My comments apply equally to all versions of Microsoft Office in Big Sur. Do you have Automatic Updates from the App Store enabled, or do you do them manually? I realize that changes by malware have been all but non-existent over many years now, but macOS is just trying to ensure that if such were possible, verification would catch it.
  23. I can just report that other Big Sur users who are not Malwarebytes users observed the same thing with Microsoft and Adobe products. One of the changes that Big Sur brought is that applications are checked by the trustd process for validity (Signature, Notarization, and perhaps other things) when launched, not just on first launch. Perhaps not as thoroughly as first launch checks, but each executable component of those application bundles must be checked. The TCC database on your computer contains information about the last checks of each component, but if it has been updated or a component ha
  24. Just a note that it is the hidden .keys directory that makes it's contents suspicious, not anything about the files themselves.
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