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  1. Glad to have helped. Please return if your friend has any other issues or questions.
  2. I can’t comment on whether it’s “normal” or not as I don’t really keep track, but I confirm that my definitions are dated the same. @treed should be up and about in another six hours or so.
  3. Since Content Distribution Networks (CDN’s) are normally contracted by numerous software manufactureres, I suspect each individual download must be individually checked and cleared to the whitelist. I know that some are actually owned and operated by the software vendor themselves, so that might be the circumstances here and should be investigated.
  4. It has nothing to do with a privacy community or a false report. I suspect you already realize that all .tech website are blocked by default due to the tremendously high percentage of such sites that are scams. Each such site must be independently researched by the staff and whitelisted if believed to be legitimate. Please just keep reporting such sites here so they may be investigated by the staff.
  5. This post at the top of the forum contains the best advice, including profile removal, so start with following all applicable advise first:
  6. I’m not aware of any software from iMobie (who has been producing software for iOS and Android since 2011) that includes malware of any kind. The need for such software might be debatable and the fact that it’s a Chinese company would cause some degree of skepticism, though. Even if malware has been installed on your iPhone (it’s very very rare on iDevices that are not jailbroken), purchasing a new phone would not be a consideration for me. At the very most I would restore the iPhone to factory conditions and redownload all the App Store apps I use that were previously obtained and restore all non-default settings. Time consuming, but otherwise low cost and zero chance of restoring old malware.
  7. Here's a posting on TidBITS about a Mac PUP site being blocked, so I'd have to say macOS threats are included: https://talk.tidbits.com/t/adware-pop-up-flash-update/10633/14
  8. After reading this blog article tonight When you can’t run an app because its extension(s) won’t load, I'm not confident of my answers. Apparently System Extensions should end in .sext and in searching my Catalina drives, I don't have any yet from any developer. I'm also seeing some traffic asking if anybody has received one of those warnings about deprecated KEXT API's and nobody indicates they have. The article seems to hint that if you have a non-compliant KEXT installed before updating to Catalina 10.15.4, it might still work, but nobody really knows yet. We should hear from the staff shortly on whether or not they feel their KEXT is compliant, and if not whether they believe it will be before 10.15.4 is released. It's also possible that Apple will back off the deadline if too many developers are not able to comply when 10.15.4 is released this Spring.
  9. Yes, that’s what I meant by “Looks like v3 was adapted earlier” but I’m not certain whether that was always true of v3 or if implemented after originally released.
  10. Yes, it’s still labeled as a .kext, but it’s actually built as a System Extension, running in user space (not the kernel) and does not use any of the former API’s that give no longer allowed accesses. There’s lots of information available in Apple’s developer area, but I suspect you won’t be able to access that. The outlawed .kext used to always appear in /System/Library/Extensions which is now off-limits.
  11. Google Translation: I am certain that Malwarebytes v4 has already adapted to the change so there won't be any impact to users (as have the most/all developers who's applications I currently use with Catalina). Looks like v3 was adapted earlier, but I'm no longer using it.
  12. You don’t appear to be using an Apple Mac computer. I’ll ask that it be moved to a more appropriate forum.
  13. It wouldn’t hurt to do that while you are waiting. It’s been known to solve other user’s abnormal performance issues. Use the Help menu “Uninstall Malwarebytes” selection to do the uninstall then download from https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac-download/ and follow the installation instructions found there.
  14. The Accessibility section is for apps that need to control the accessibility features of your computer in specific ways and wouldn't apply to either of the apps you mentioned. You can see all those features listed in System Preferences->Accessibility. Again, I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with using excessive amounts of time to scan.
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