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  1. No, if it says Top Level Domain Blocked that means that all sites with the domain ".online" are blocked by default due to the high number of malicious sites that use it. The staff will need to research and unblock that specific site for you when they return to work.
  2. If you have already run Malwarebytes for Mac and it comes up clean, then we probably can't help you with this. I'm certainly not aware of any known malware that would be able to do what you describe, but if you can tell us what macOS you are running and describe what you are seeing in greater detail (with screenshots, if necessary) someone might have some ideas.
  3. @adas If anything in the ticket reply is non-sensitive, could you please repeat it here for the rest of us, after the ticket is finally closed, of course.
  4. Several sources are used to blacklist a site, including user reports. I only posted VirusTotal as that is one of the requirements for posting FP's to this forum.
  5. VirusTotal shows clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/98c128aa6ba0746c07cb31911a88f71f039055e0944340c8b4629fe9ab886101/detection
  6. alvarnell


    VirusTotal shows clean: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/d62543aebb316dca41d7fae6bf0183b453249055f095d65477a4bd27b4d92474/detection
  7. And note that it's a long holiday weekend here in the US where most of the staff is located, so I doubt that there have been any updates to the number of malware definitions for awhile and they probably won't get around to responding here until at least late tomorrow as there is a backlog of postings.
  8. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'll try again. Although it's constantly on in the background, it isn't looking for "malware", just waits to be told that something new has been placed in one of a few areas (like your download folder). It then quickly scans that file and goes quiet again. You have 14 days to try that feature of Malwarebytes to see how much, which should be plenty of time.
  9. There are no known pure viruses that impact macOS or it's applications, but if there ever was one it would be covered under the definition of malware and all anti-virus / anti-malware would be updated to protect against it, but we understand that it's common to refer to most such infections as viruses. Actually, ClamXAV is no longer free and has never been open-source, although it does use the ClamAV scanner which is. In addition to doing manual scans, ClamXAV can be set up to schedule scans and does have a real-time active scanner called Sentry that scans new files introduced to your Mac through download or optionally scan newly mounted drives. It is not recommended to allow more than one anti-malware to do real-time / on-access scanning as they can interfere with each other and unnecessarily slow your computer.
  10. That seems rather wide spread to me, but in checking mine I see it varies from 100,000 to 87,000 recently. I would think that it would normally depend on a combination of how many files you have in the target areas being scanned (some of which are temporary) and how many signatures are contained in the protection database. The reduction in my case was probably due to the removal of some signatures for malware that has become extinct in order to speed up scan times.
  11. Then I'll have the moderator move this to the Windows forum. @AdvancedSetup
  12. adwcleaner from Malwarebytes? That's not available for the Mac are you sure you are in the right forum?
  13. If your Mac is suddenly behaving strangely. Most of the time, it's not due to malware at all, but if you suddenly see a lot of popup windows urging you to do something now (e.g. update Flash or call an 800 number for emergency tech support or telling you that your computer is infected) you might have found a new infection or new variant. Or you might just need to install a good adblocker in your browser to prevent such things. Not if it's unknown to Malwarebytes. There is no crystal ball for such things, they have to be found by somebody, analyzed, a signature written to detect it and your Malwarebytes app updated with that signature the majority of the time. Occasionally a new variant is close enough to an older one that the same signature will find both. If that's the case, then yes, it will show up in a subsequent scan.
  14. In general, yes. There is always the possibility that something new has found it's way to your computer which Malwarebytes is not yet aware of. There also might be some very old malware that is extinct and no longer a threat to your computer. If you are seeing something that you suspect might be a new infection, let us know as the staff may need to collect additional information from you. BTW, viruses are just one type of malware.
  15. Another possibility could be that it was attempting to check for signature updates and couldn't reach the server over your Internet connection for some reason. Perhaps it times out from doing that after one minute.
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