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  1. I think you meant to say your default search engine in Safari is Google. When Malwarebytes finds and removes adware on your Mac, you often need to reset settings that the adware has changed, since that's not something Apple allows Malwarebytes to do. To accomplish that, please check this pinned article at the top of this forum I also recommend that you trash everything that Malwarebytes moved into Quarantine.
  2. @PaulP you will normally get faster results by starting a new discussion rather than piggybacking on an older one, but I see you already did and it appears to have been addressed. Still testing clean on VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/9c9e1c1c01f98c9a2a8377cff6b32812720175f08f67c5f2dc4a47c6dadbed3a/detection
  3. Tests clean in VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/2720ace4cb48d4ff04e3b81a3d7dc66b9a77fe1b610fbdb7158ddac36435220d/detection
  4. Forcepoint ThreatSeeker finds ommni.link to be suspicious on VirusTotal for some reason, but the rest of the links all show clean.
  5. I think you meant to say a new search engine is made default in place of whatever you prefer to use as your search engine, based on your mentioning "qsearch". In that case you need to read through this pinned article near the top of the forum, with particular attention to the "Nuke Chrome" section:
  6. Clean on VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/88bd9c91138258e325e162ffe7a082d157cc8cf7ffcdcfe3cf3f99855a800d67/detection @AdvancedSetup should this be moved to Browser Guard forum?
  7. VirusTotal all clean https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/f639d29e2e8d6d7f33dba652d6ab902e50e57f35e42461ca9b6c10cf1e72d950/detection
  8. I don't necessarily think this is browser hijacking, since it's something that any site is able to do by commanding a re-direction in a new tab. Does this happen with multiple sites or only particular ones? If this is happening a lot on multiple sites, then the first thing to do is check the Add-Ons to see if there any are installed that you don't recall having done so yourself. If you list them here we might be able to identify any that are causing the issue. And as to recommendation of a virus checker, of course anybody here is going to tell you to use Malwarebytes.
  9. I'm not sure you read my entry above yours, but the app is fully closable by simply quitting it. And that should be it's normal state. Only have it open when you are doing a manual scan, check the logs or change a preference setting However, there are two associated processes that run in the background that cannot be easily prevented from running.
  10. @AdvancedSetup Please move to Windows forum and possibly merged with OP's discussion there.
  11. The malwarebytes application is never active when quit. There is a Malwarebytes Agent process open in the background to display and process selections from the MenuBar (and possibly other functions) and an RTProtectionDaemon open in the background that does accomplishes Real Time Protection and App Blocking if enabled. But neither of them are the actual application.
  12. Just to be clear, I have no problem with peer sharing in general and support the use and efficiency of torrents for legitimate purposes. It's TPB that I find enormously dangerous to most users.
  13. I for one will offer you no help in solving this. Not only are downloads from this site probably breaking the law, they are more often than not malware. There is absolutely no legitimate reason for anybody to frequent such sites.
  14. And there is no reason to have the actual Malwarebytes app open except to change settings, do a manual scan or check results. You should normally close it after doing any of those things.
  15. Due to the unique way Malwarebytes for Mac works, there is no way to accomplish that, but the premium RT Protection feature should have already scanned any file downloaded to your Mac or installed into commonly known critical areas of your boot drive.
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