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  1. Lesson learned here. Always take advantage of the free trial before paying, to make sure it works with your setup. Although a very few users have had some issue with Malwarebytes installation, I believe all have been quickly resolved by a reboot or an uninstall/re-install. Of thousands of users I've seen here, you are the first that felt they were ripped off. Assuming you are looking for assistance and not just venting, can you describe how your computer is "not working?"
  2. I've used other adblockers that allow AdSense ads, which are generally considered to be less intrusive and as you mentioned, easy to opt out of. Not sure why you would choose to uninstall instead of opt out, but it's certainly up to you.
  3. I suspect that Malwarebytes will be aware that your download folder is external and will catch malware downloaded there if you have symlinked it to the standard Download folder in your Home folder, but if you simply told the browser to download elsewhere, I suspect it won't recognize that. I suspect that the Staff won’t be here until Monday now to confirm.
  4. Because those are from AdChoice and you if you don't want to see them you will need to control them separately.
  5. Click on the green blue triangle with the "i" inside for information about such ads and the "x" to dismiss them.
  6. Read the pinned article at the top of this forum, paying particular attention to Chrome portions:
  7. It does not currently scan external drives and I am not aware of plans to do so. The way Malwarebytes searches and watches only known malware locations require a standard boot drive architecture and would not know the structure of any external. If any of your external drives are bootable, then you would need to have Malwarebytes installed and boot from it. If you have moved home or download folders to those external drives with links then it might be able to scan there, but I have not checked that.
  8. Check through the other possible causes shown in the pinned article at the top of this forum: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/236261-how-to-remove-weknow-malware-and-others/
  9. Just type Command-N or select "New Window" from the Brave's File menu.
  10. As you may know, such pop-ups are simply a ruse in an attempt to get you to contact and pay someone for support you don't need. They are caused by code on the website you visit, usually embedded in advertising (so-called malvertising). There is no known way for a web site to scan your iPad (or Mac for that matter) for malware from the Internet. You did exactly the right thing by ignoring it.
  11. OK, then the staff will need to respond on exactly why the PUP was deleted. Possibly a known component of the Spigot Adware infection.
  12. It is only labeled as a PUP because it is commercially available and often installed for specific purposes (such as parental observation). If you never intended to install software that required such logging, then it probably was put there for malicious purposes. Malwarebytes never deletes files until you go to Quarantine and click the “Clear Quarantine“ button with that file selected. If you still have not been able to reset your search engine to Google, follow the appropriate instructions in this article:
  13. Contact Support by filling out this form to explore such an option https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/contactsupport/pages/home-support
  14. Sounds like one of those malware attacks created a proxy connection or if you normally do use a proxy or VPN for some reason it has been disrupted and just needs to be reconfigured. Open System Preferences->Network. Select your internet connection and click on “Advanced” button in the left column. Select the Proxies tab and make sure either nothing is checked or if you normally use proxy /VPN then reset it up according to the providers instructions.
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