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  1. Malwarebytes is not allowed to make any changes to settings that may have been changed by any malware that you installed. Has Malwarebytes found any infections that might be related to this? If so, you will need to check whatever it is that has convinced you that you are infected. I could give you more explicit instructions if I knew exactly what you are seeing, what browser you are using and perhaps some additional facts about your setup. But first I need you to read through this pinned article and try all the suggestions that are applicable to your situation:
  2. All your iPad coverage will need to be purchased from the Apple App Store (their rules). If they are configured with different AppleID's you can use Family Sharing in order to only have to pay once for those. The Macs can share a Premium for Home license which is good for up to three computers.
  3. The Mac version of Malwarebytes doesn't currently block URL's, only malware downloaded to your Mac, so since no files are being downloaded, there isn't anything to catch. It's JavaScript code on the web site that is causing this, so the only thing that will prevent it is a good adblocker extension. As @David H. Lipman covered, the new Malwarebytes Browser Guard extensions will help with Google Chrome and Firebox browsers, but unfortunately it isn't yet available (and may never be) for Safari for technical reasons.
  4. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb-mac also works. Tested with curl in macOS Catalina. This should always give you the most current copy of any future version.
  5. AppCleaner won't totally uninstall Chrome. You have to follow the Nuke Chrome instructions in: Have you tried using the Malwarebytes BrowserGuard for Chrome?
  6. Start by upgrading to version 4.0. It’s a free update. You normally must restart the app, in any case, so the upgrade will take care of that for you.
  7. Note that those instructions were only for macOS Catalina.
  8. Yes, the menubar icon is associated with what used to be called the RTProtection process that runs in the background and is not directly related to the Malwarebytes app when it is open.
  9. Nothing like that has ever been reported, to my knowledge and I read most all Apple related security postings daily. Cell conversations can be legally monitored with a court order and proximity to one of the involved parties, so presumably could be illegally monitored with the proper equipment. If you allow WiFi calling, I suspect anybody able to access the WiFi network you are using might be able to, again with the proper equipment.
  10. I don’t really feel that could be the issue, just wanted to get the facts out in case it makes any difference when the staff drops by. I suspect there are several possibilities that they will want to explore. It could be unique to your older model or El Capitan. It could be some sort of corruption on your computer (you’ve had more than your fair share of problems with this product). My guess would be that something went wrong with the update from version 3 and you need to completely uninstall Malwarebytes, then download and install version 4. But please don’t do that until the staff has a chance to comment. They may want to have you submit some diagnostic information directly to them, in case it’s something they need to change on their end.
  11. Are you still using that older iMac with macOS 10.11.6?
  12. For any of these issues: Renewals Refunds (including double billing) Cancellations Update Billing Info Multiple Transactions Consumer Purchases Transaction Receipt You must contact the sales support team by filling out the form at the bottom of https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us to get help.
  13. The premium version, with Real-Time Protection enabled, should be able to detect all forms of malware and PUPs downloaded to your computer drive that it is aware of. There could be some that will not be recognized until the .dmg is mounted. If you happen to be the first to download something new / revised, then all bets are off.
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