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  1. Check to see if the below instructions restores the internet: - Go to > System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies - Uncheck whatever is checked so that it sets to default. - Restart and check for the internet. The detection is related to blog: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/adware-operatormac/
  2. It should be uploaded to a special forum here designed just for that: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/193-newest-mac-threats/. Posting the VirusTotal URL here would have allowed me to comment further, as well as given the Malwarebytes staff the ability to download it from there. But in general, Malwarebytes for Mac only detects macOS malware, so if that .iso file targets a different platform (e.g. Windows or Unix) as the majority of attachments do, it won’t be and shouldn’t be detected. If it’s truly an .iso file then it’s a Windows image file.
  3. I wasn’t quite sure what “problems” were being addressed. Is it strictly the Call Protection pushes issue that we’ve been talking about or are their also problems with the other’s being so old. I see that AdBlocker got an update.
  4. Just FYI, Apple recommends leaving all apps open in the background to conserve energy and speed up your experience in not having to expend time and battery life to relaunch an app each time you need it. Doing so won’t slow your use or cause RAM issues in doing so.
  5. I opened mine to the dashboard and it said I was “Current” but when I went to the info page it still shows 1.0.202040420. The others are the same as everybody else’s. Returning to Dashboard, it still said “Current” but when I clicked the arrows rotated and Call Protection is now 1.0.2020040517, so apparently seven more updates have taken place over the last nine hours or so and nothing was pushed to me in the background.
  6. At this time they don’t rotate and they didn’t rotate when I changed from version to dashboard nor when I clicked on them at that time. Next time there is an update I will start in dashboard, check the version and then return to dashboard if out-of-date to see if I can force.
  7. Are the arrows suppose to spin or do you get some other feedback that the update is being forced? Whenever I tap it, there is no animation or tactile feedback. That’s why I said I couldn’t force an update. And when it says “Current” I take it at it’s word.
  8. OK, I think I may be able to confirm @MAXBAR1’s observation, except for one thing. I keep MWB open in the background at all times (as I do with virtually all my apps) and background updates is enabled. When I brought the app to the foreground it was displaying the version information and call protection was yesterday’s version. I then switched to the dashboard which said I was current and I was unable to force an update. When I went back to the version info it did show today’s update. So I don’t really know whether I forced the update or if the version page just hadn’t been updated. Afraid I need to try again a different way.
  9. Sorry, I did my investigating on my iPad. When I checked my iPhone 7 just now I see that I match @Hardhead without a manual forced update. I wonder if it matters whether Malwarebytes is enabled to do Background App Refresh or not? Mine is enabled.
  10. I don’t believe I can even force an update. Definitions are at March 27 before and after requesting an update.
  11. Glad I could help. Be sure and return if you have additional questions or issues and we’ll do our best to respond.
  12. I can’t give you an exact explanation because the areas that are scanned is proprietary information that only Malwarebytes can know as well as how your setup compares to mine, but I’ll give you what I think I know about this. Some of the areas scanned include places where files are temporarily placed and ultimately deleted, either over time or when the process that placed them there is finished with them. So it isn’t checking only files that you download or delete, but also some files that are produced by running processes that you are using or run in the background on your Mac.
  13. One thing that seems to work for a few is to start up in Safe Mode (restart with shift key down) and run the installer there, in case you have some other 3rd party software loading that causes that issue. You will probably see some weird graphics behavior while in Safe Mode, but that's completely normal.
  14. VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7256d5363b97ea3cb8dbaa104d2a1b9dd21400e5b60ad71d956291ad046f8ebc/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7256d5363b97ea3cb8dbaa104d2a1b9dd21400e5b60ad71d956291ad046f8ebc/detection
  15. @AdvancedSetup see 2nd post above. @ManLee, The staff has said several months ago that the beta test is full and you must wait for a spot to open before being given a spot. Also, the type of protection afforded to iOS users is quite limited compared to that provided to macOS, so it’s unlikely that it will be of any help to you after the fact. The iOS version is aimed at prevention by keeping you away from sites that might mislead you as well as phone calls from scammers and will not find any malware your might have. On the other hand, iOS malware is extremely rare, so it’s doubtful that it was responsible for any hacking you may have suffered.
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