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Malwarebytes Scanning Engine

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Hey, I've come across some articles contains information on antivirus/antimalware applications. I've also been wondering if Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware actually scans MD5 Checksums of a file, and matches them to malicious checksums in a database. Is this true? I know it is hard to disclose this kind of information, but this is for personally information only. Thanks (I love your product!)

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Greetings and welcome B) .

I'm not one of the developers or an employee of Malwarebytes' so I can't speak for them, but from all I've read here I would say that MBAM's primary method of detection is based on heuristics, which would be far from MD5 hash checks and more based on other methods of identification, that's why it's so good at catching many of the latest infections, often even without database updates.

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