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Please bring back full directory view when scanning

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Usually when preforming a scan (I always do custom but I assume for any scan) you were able to see the current directory of the file being scanned. In the newest update how ever it seems this function is gone. I also see no optional option for it. I ask you to please please reconsider removing this feature from Malwarebytes it provides valuable information in the progress of the scan. It would be a shame to see it gone for good.

This is valuable to me because even though the directory was only showing up for a few milliseconds you still got to see witch drive, main and sub folders the scan was currently going through. And when the scan then stops for a few actual full seconds you got to see witch files / sections were taking longer. 

I think having it at least as a optional function in the settings (turned off by default I guess) would be very nice. And since it exited in your previous version of the program I hope it won't cause you too much trouble.

Thank you for your time.

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I suspect the reason for removing it was that it was almost never accurate because of the way the engine is multi-threaded, so this is especially true if you have a multi-core/multi-threaded CPU as most systems have these days meaning the scan is almost never looking at just one item/object at a time.  With that said, if you do encounter an issue during scans the best way to troubleshoot the issue and find out where it really got stuck, the tool to use would be Process Monitor and then apply the filter Process Is MBAMService.exe and that will filter out all irrelevant data so that you can see what the scan was doing and where the scan's process (MBAMService.exe) got hung up as well as giving you a clue as to the reason (i.e. 'access denied' etc.) and you can then look at possible causes for the issue such as permissions, another process locking the object being scanned or whatever.

I will however submit your request to the Product team for consideration.

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