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Found 20 results

  1. I messed up some permissions on some files and folders, so i downloaded file assassin ( i used it before for some issues ) , fileassassin could not delete the files. I fixed the problem by downloading "NTFS Access" ( http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/ntfsaccess ) and that fixed the permissions of the folders, granted me full access to the folders/files, and then i could delete the programs manually. So i have a few suggestion for FileAssassin: - Deleting folders also - Using the things that NTFSAccess does to grant permissions to the folders/files recursively, and tha
  2. I personally really enjoy using browser guard. I was thinking maybe it can have a feature to block insecure connections, like HTTPS-Everywhere. It would make the extension much more of a go-to for users if you get an all-in-one package of security for your browser. Just a suggestion, it would make choosing an extension much easier.
  3. I swear this used to be present in the past. I'd like to see the Restart Later option. Sometimes there's something else going on that I'd like to see finish prior to restarting, yet still being able to close Adw would be nice.
  4. Usually when preforming a scan (I always do custom but I assume for any scan) you were able to see the current directory of the file being scanned. In the newest update how ever it seems this function is gone. I also see no optional option for it. I ask you to please please reconsider removing this feature from Malwarebytes it provides valuable information in the progress of the scan. It would be a shame to see it gone for good. This is valuable to me because even though the directory was only showing up for a few milliseconds you still got to see witch drive, main and sub folders the sca
  5. I have not logged-in for a long time, so I had to create a new account. I used JRT yesterday, but it will not open today. There is supposed to be another two weeks before EOL. JRT removes Temp. files that are left by my other cleaners. I would appreciate having this ability added to one of your remaining products. I used JRT long before your company acquired it, and will miss its capabilities. I purchased MBAM years ago and I have downloaded AdwCleaner, either would be acceptable for this addition. Thank you.
  6. Heya, Not a huge thing, but I have seen this a lot now while the program is scanning. Is this an easy fix tho? Regards,
  7. Could we ever expect to see a VPN service from MalwareBytes as an included or seperate service? Yes, there are hundreds of VPN services out there already but a lot of those are by companies that a lot of us may have never heard of. When someone wants to use a VPN, they're expecting to use it for their privacy and the companies that run a lot of VPNs, as I already said, pretty much aren't reputable. I'm sure their users wonder if the service provider is stealing or logging their information without their knowledge and possibly making a profit by selling that information. I'd think seeing a VPN
  8. I've noticed that whenever I click on the Malwarebytes icon in the hidden icon menu, that after you right-click it, the mouse is dangerously close to the "quit Malwarebytes" button. I've accidentally clicked it before when I wanted to check for updates but clicked twice by accident. The suggestion I would like to make is to maybe switch the "open Malwarebytes" and "quit Malwarebytes" buttons, so someone doesn't accidentally click it. (tried to recreate the cursor in the screenshot)
  9. Hi all, I too got hit by the high memory issue with MBAM3. I finally figured out that it was a mbam issue after many program and pc crashes and freezes... Kudos for mbam staff getting a fix. Here is a suggestion: some sort of alerts for paid users? It could be via email (opt in), or even better, is it difficult to implement an alert notification system from within mbam3 itself? At the moment, I only get notifications regarding protection settings, or if malware is detected or blocked. Why not have a built in alert system, with actual popups on-screen, for critical issues like th
  10. When I am in Malwarebytes (v Settings Tab ->Exclusions, currently when I Remove an Exclusion (while checked) the exclusion does not disappear from my exclusions tab. This leads me to believe the exclusion has not actually been removed. I still am not sure which is true. Windows 10 Professional x64 Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version: 1.0.3545 Current DT: 12/22/2017 CST (Partially obscured "Exclusions" tab: when I remove an exclusion it should disappear from the exclusions tab if it is indeed being removed f
  11. To the ever supportive Malwarebytes anti-malware technical crew, This post was created to suggest a future implementation for the product of Malwarebytes anti-malware. It concerns about the limited features that the free product delivers to its users. I would like to bring up an idea which would be of convenience for a more niche demographic; that is, the ever-growing population of consumers who are regularly engaged in multiplayer entertainment applications requiring connections by unconventional ports and protocols. One of the major worries about the digital user revolves around ha
  12. I was using Skype and even so often I'll get a notification from MBAM that an IP was blocked. I did my research on this and I found out it is because Skype is P2P. These IP address are known for malicious purpose in the past or currently from what I gather. I don't want to disable notifications in general and I have looked at there is no feature that stop notifications in chosen apps/not show notifications. I'd like to suggest, if it hasn't already that there could be a feature for this? Thanks, Lewis
  13. Hello, I think I have read about this before but I wonder why MBAM's schedule doesn't recognise the end / start of Day Light Savings? Surely MBAM should notice a change in the clock and adjust itself accordingly? Maybe something to consider for the next version of MBAM? Thanks.
  14. Hey Malwarebytes! I was wondering if you guys would ever add a Sandbox feature to the program? I think it would be really useful
  15. I think that Anti Exploit should go into more detail about what it blocked like Anti Malware
  16. When scanning with MBAM 1.x the scan progress (current file/folder) will be shown to get a general idea of how far the scan is. Now, in MBAM 2.0, only the amount of scanned files is shown. Right now I have no idea if the scan has progressed much since I don't know how many files are on my disk (or how malwarebytes calculates them) whereas "C:\Windows" ment that the scan was very close to completion of the C drive. My suggestion: Build in some kind of progress indicator (either the current file/folder or percentages) to give the user a general idea of the scan's progress. Thank you
  17. Before v2.0 came out, after a scan you could see the total number of found threats. I cant seem to find anywhere where it says this now. It would be greatly appreciated as I use MBAM everyday for work and having a total number of detections helps with paperwork.
  18. Can you deal with those annoying pop ups in Google "fastclick" 'doubleclick"
  19. After running MBAM and listing down the infections detected, I think a "Select All" checkbox would help to select all the detected malwares at one go and remove. As of now, we have to manually select all the malwares detected and then remove them. It is fine when there are 1-2 malwares in the list, but when there are several detected, it becomes a hassle to manually select them and remove Thoughts?
  20. I really like the management console in MEE but an issue is the removal of PUPs from client computers. Currelty there is no way to remove PUP software from a client computer. This would be a Great enhancement as users have a hard time understanding what to do. My suggestion is to add the ability to remove PUP and other software from the MEE console by clicking on a client computer, clicking on the security logs and then right clicking on the object scanned and selecting Remove Item. If there are any questions or comments please let me know as I will follow this topic. Thanks
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