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Kaspersky Total Security 2020

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  • 3 weeks later...

I recently updated my KTS and all of a sudden some programs wouldn't open anymore and basic windows functions would freeze. Steam would open to login, then after that would not open the main window. I tried uninstalling Steam multiple times but it wouldn't finish and just kept freezing. Then after a restart all my desktop icons were gone. So now I've wiped my OS drive and am reinstalling windows.

On this specific PC, I use it strictly for gaming. I won't ever go to random websites or even crap like facebook. I rarely watch YouTube videos on it and occasionally make Amazon purchases but thats about it. I guess you could say I'm extra paranoid about viruses and malware. That's why I've been using Malwarebytes AND Kaspersky simultaneously for about 5 years now. I've never had any issues until now. 

So I'm trying to figure out who the culprit is. Do I really have to choose between one or the other? Or until either company fixes their software, what is the better choice?

Malwarebytes has always been easy to use and has never caused a headache except maybe quarantining a game executable from time to time. But KTS has a ton of popups and keeps telling me to either update something or uninstall something. Although their website protection and safe browsing has been good piece of mind for online purchases.

What should I do?

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Hello @Jaymo     :welcome:

First of all, be very sure that your pc has the very latest Kaspersky update patch from them.   I believe that is currently  patch G

Then see my tips  and thread with another customer who has Kaspersky 2020   & Malwarebytes & whose pc is currently doing well


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I am having Similar issues with no browsers opening since updating KIS to latest version and unfortunately not read this post and looked else where for the problem and have managed to break my networking connection thanks to Kaspersky update, so now have to do a fresh windows install to sort problem out so hopefully it will be sorted before next year 😀

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Hello @itekweni     :welcome:

I am sorry to read that your machine is also having issues.

Be sure you tell me just which web browsers   ( list all ) that are having the issue you describe.

It happens that dagar74 & one other person had good luck.


If you will list for me all web browsers having issues, that would be a help.

I can relay to you some other tips.   Though, honestly,  at this time there is still friction due to having 2 premium security products that have, in essence, double protections in essence, that can & do lead to oddities , friction, etc

For example, Kaspersky has a System Watch that monitors all apps.   Kapersky has a firewall component.   Kaspersky 2020 has other special features.  Then both Kaspersky and Malwarebytes Premium both have anti-ransomware, anti-malware, & AI components.


For the web browsers  that are having issues, try the following:

Exclude affected applications within Malwarebytes.


Test that out.  See if it helps for the time being.    Let me know the result after this.

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Hello @Maurice Nagger, Thank you for the response and to let you know I am going to down grade Kaspersky to version 19 due to me feeling unguarded with out Malwarebytes installed but before I do that I will try the fixes you mentioned. The browsers that are affected is Mozilla based browsers ie: Firefox and Waterfox, chrome based browsers seem to work alright.

I never upgrade software when all is working well and because of issues like the one I am experienceng but lost my head and decided to install the newer version of Kaspersky Internet Security and that's when my troubles started.

Thank you for your assistance.




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