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  1. FYI, KSCF has updated to Patch 'F' on my machine. I haven't had a chance to test compatibility with Malwarebytes as of yet.
  2. I just reinstalled KSCF and see it has updated to Patch 'F'. Has anyone tested Patch 'F' and Malwarebytes?? Thanks, Krusty
  3. I had a similar issue with Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/kaspersky-security-cloud-free.422089/page-2#post-2868484 Thankfully it was a recent installation of KSCF so restoring an image backup solved my problem.
  4. Hi Dave, Good question! Cheers, Dave
  5. That could mean anything (like what websites we visit)... but anyway after entering a fake email address the extension works fine. No problem here so far on any of my machines. I found it interesting that MB Browser Guard for Firefox blocked the Windows Defender Network Protection test site found here: https://demo.wd.microsoft.com/
  6. That's odd because on three machines, the only time I was prompted (in Firefox) was on a machine that had a previous beta installed and removed. Yes, they have my email address but it isn't linked to every single website I visit.
  7. Why does it want my email address??? Get enough emails, thanks.
  8. @RubbeR DuckY, what are you thinking??
  9. Thanks @Gt-truth, but no this does not help at all. The new GUI aside from the robot is fine, but including the robot makes the whole program look like a kids toy and not a serious anti-malware removal tool. If MalwareBytes want to be taken seriously by adults then the robot should go.
  10. Guys, since I posted elsewhere I thought it only fair I post here too. What's up with the cartoon robot? This isn't something I would expect from a serious security program. Who are you targeting? Teenagers? It certainly doesn't instil any sense of comfort in me (or others). Thanks for considering.
  11. Thanks guys. I have received the update and am not seeing anymore blocks. It looks like this FP is resolved. Edit: Yay! My 100th post too. 😁
  12. Same here. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/250055-mb-website-block-overzealous/
  13. Hi Guys, MB has just started blocking both Norton and Microsoft domains as per the logs. I suspect these are false positives. Thanks, Krusty MB Block.txt MB Second Block.txt
  14. Krusty

    Test post

    Thank you very much, Ron. Greatly appreciate the trust, and the new membership title. All the very best. Cheers, Dave
  15. Krusty

    Test post

    I mean, nearly 16,000 posts @ the Norton Community forums and over 6,000 posts @ wilderssecurity.com. Anyway...
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