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  1. Looks like ESET is having this issue independently of MBAM, this specific BSOD keeps popping up more and more with other apps. It might be useful to find what the common denominator is, possibly a bug in some of the more recent versions of netio.sys? https://forum.eset.com/topic/16066-112490-causes-netiosys-bsod-on-win10/
  2. Note - this isn't the same BSOD and seems to be related to ESET, not MBAM. I run these two side by side but I installed ESET first. It might be worth completely uninstalling both MBAM (as seuggested by the other posts) and ESET. Then reinstall ESET first, followed by MBAM 3.4.5 and make sure both apps have exclusions for each other.
  3. Ah, ok. It looks like something else might be involved, I had thought the Win update was the common denominator.
  4. Yes, I downgraded to 3.4.5 (fortunately I still had the install exe from when it was the latest version) and have not had any BSODs since. I don't use RemotePC but I am running MBAM 3.4.5 happily with ESET. EDIT: The issue seems to be related to v3.5.1 and the June Windows updates.
  5. My feeling is the opposite. If this BSOD is related to Win 7 + 10 updates at the beginning of June then Malwarebytes could not have foreseen the issue. Ever since it was reported in the two threads, MB staff have been responding with advice along with collecting data and trying to find the cause (software developers are not magicians, they still need time to find and fix something like this). Working workarounds of disabling certain parts or using an earlier build were suggested. and then we were informed the root cause has found and is being fixed. I'm sure once a date has been set for the fix we will be notified here or elsewhere, but since these always take a finite amount of time (whatever the fix for whatever the software) we will need to be patient.
  6. This looks really useful! Many thanks for posting this here. I bet Malwarebytes really miss you, with you working on things like this!
  7. I installed 3.5.1 when it was first offered to me in the middle of May and it had been running fine till the beginning of last week. The only major thing I can think of that happened around the same time was the June update for Windows 10 (1709 in my case) so I think Microsoft have changed something which now makes one of the MBAM modules incompatible. I know you were asking what changed between 3.4.5 and 3.5.1 if the former still works ok, but I thought I'd add this point as it seems many people starting having this issue about the same time Windows was updated.
  8. I downgraded to MBAM 3.4.5 and so far haven't had any more issues. You can find this version if you google for "MBAM 3.4.5 file horse", it is usually the top item in the search results. After downloading, make sure you right click the downloaded exe file and select properties so that you can confirm it is digitally signed by Malwarebytes Co.
  9. I downgraded to 3.4.5 (to fix BSOD issue - see other thread) and re-enabled self-protection. The issue is still there but nowhere near as bad as with 3.5.1. I no longer need to triple click on folders to open them and moving up and down through a list of folders using the keyboard is much faster (though still slower than with self-protection disabled).
  10. Not intending to be specifically unhelpful but I'm not one for uploading logs after a bad experience with a reputable company (not MalwareBytes) collecting some very personal content with logs collected using their log-collecting software. I know Malwarebytes aren't guilty of this but I feel safer not uploading anything. I did manage to update my ethernet drivers using Sfrush's method, although there were no updates for my Atheros Wifi dongle. Also, I'm wondering if it's worth merging the 2 threads on this topic?
  11. Ironically the drivers page for my motherboard will only open in Chrome for some reason. I have downgraded to 3.4.5 and rebooted and so far no more BSODs, though I'm not sure which change (MBAM, ASUS or IDM in my previous post) actually helped. Also, since the BSOD's were a little unpredictable (except that they only seemed to happen with Chrome) I can't be certain the issue has gone. I was able to check the network driver on Chrome afterwards and they haven't updated it since 2015 which is the one I currently have installed. I disabled memory dumps some while back as I have a lot of memory installed and the dumps added a lot of extra time to the reboot and took up a lot of space, so unfortunately I only have minidumps. Also, the Firefox stability might have been due to my running NoScript and uBlock Origin, I don't have any extensions on Chrome (apart from the now disabled IDM one).
  12. I have been getting these same BSOD's for a little while (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and NETIO.SYS) which for some reason only seem to happen when I am using Chrome (Firefox is my main browser but there are some things that Chrome seems better at). After Googling this error (and before finding this page) I found someone in a forum who was recommended to remove his ASUS utilities. I was running ASUS utilities so I removed those. Another forum told someone the problem was with Internet Download Manager. I have IDM, I didn't remove it but I removed all links between it and Chrome. Then I discovered this thread by accident and realised the issues started (probably coincidentally) about the same time I disabled MBAM's self-protection after another MBAM thread suggested this as a workaround for an explorer/mouse related issue. I'm not sure I want to do any experiments as it takes upwards of 30 mins to recover from a BSOD as I like to chkdsk my drives first and I don't have an SSD to boot from so the whole process is sloooow, but I'm wondering if others who have this issue have any of the other software items I mentioned above in addition to MBAM. This may be some sort of odd conflict rather than the fault of one particular program. I haven't yet rebooted after removing everything, I will do that when I can face another reboot and I haven't changed the MBAM self-protection setting back, but I have disabled Chrome for now until I find out what is causing the issue. I would be interested to know if @mwcrumjr downgraded from 3.5.1 to 3.4.5 and if so if the issue went away.
  13. Many thanks for the reply, interestingly I was just trying this - (probably the same time you were typing the reply), and yes it does fix the issue. Is this something planned to be fixed in a later release so that the more paranoid among us can have self-protection running again?
  14. I'm posting this here as it sounds like the same issue, please move this to a separate thread if it isn't. A reproducible sluggishness issue I am getting with MBAM is when navigating Explorer in "Details" view using up and down keyboard arrows. I also find I have to triple-click a folder to open it, otherwise it tries to edit the folder name (I also get the hourglass/circle twice very briefly with the first click). If I close MBAM the problem goes away. If I disable ALL of the protection options, the problem remains. However if I delete my license key so that the MBM runs in unlicensed mode, the problem goes away. When I add the license back in the problem returns. Interestingly, if I hide the Explorer ribbon and close/reopen a folder, the problem goes away until I bring back the ribbon. I'd be interested to hear if OP can reproduce this. MBAM version, Component Package version 1.0.374, Windows 10 1709 (16299.461)
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