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Please unblock besttoolbars.net


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I am not certain for the reason for the block, however I did just check my large HOSTS file which pulls block lists from a large number of sources for blocking ads, trackers, PUPs and malware and I did find that domain listed there (my HOSTS file is not maintained by Malwarebytes).

I did a web search for that domain and found this entry from Sophos among others.  I did a search based on one of the detection names which led me to this MD5 hash: 2dd17c0358e954a7033f3c91d8537ecc and when I did a search on VirusTotal for that hash it came up with this result which shows a Malwarebytes PUP detection as PUP.Optional.BestToolBars.

Obviously this may just be a question of misidentification or coincidence, however if Malwarebytes detects the software hosted on that site as PUP then I suspect they probably will not delist it from the browser extension's block lists.  If it is the case that Malwarebytes does indeed detect your software as PUP and you wish to contest that decision then please refer to the information found in this post.

Please keep in mind that I am not a member of the Malwarebytes Research team; I simply help out on the forums.  I just thought it might help to provide you with this information in case you were unaware of it.

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I get minor hits (one vendor, or none at all) on VirusTotal depending on whether I use the domain name by itself, prefaced by http:// or prefaced by https://.  I whitelisted the two entries as requested.

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