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James Tuites 

10:10 AM (8 hours ago)
to Malwarebytes
I paid for renewal of premium service that now expires in 2020.  When I log into account I see "0 of 1 devices available" and that makes no sense.  Especially in light of other message received "If you purchased a Malwarebytes license key for only a Windows or Mac device in the past, you can now use your number of available devices to activate Malwarebytes on Windows, Android, and macOS devices."  Am I protected or what?  Kept getting pop-ups telling me my free trial of Premium service, already paid for expiring in 9 hours.  Tried installing protection on Android phone with Key received on payment and response was not Key not valid
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It is possible that a previous installation is still active in the system and needs to be reset to give you access to your license on another device.  Please try using the Deactivate all function in your account at My.Malwarebytes.com to reset the number of devices/activations and then try activating the product with your license key again on your preferred device and hopefully that will resolve the issue.  You will find instructions on how to do this in steps 3.-5. in the first section of this support article.

If that fails to resolve the issue then please contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the form found on the bottom of this page and they should be able to aid you in getting your license key working properly again.

I hope this helps, and if there is anything else we might assist you with please don't hesitate to let us know.


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4 hours ago, jtuites said:

When I log into account I see "0 of 1 devices available

This means you have a license for a single device. If you are attempting to use the key on more than ONE device you can not. If you have more than one device you wish to protect you will need additional licenses. 

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