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A couple of hours ago I was using my PC, Win 10 64bit, when a pop-up took over my screen and in bad English said something about being an extension to Thunderbird and asking me to comment or make a donation. I killed it but noticed my PC began to run very slowly on the network. I tried to open Malwarebytes but just get a spinning timer. I restarted and momentarily get a notice that all my protection is turned off. I've entered a ticket into support and tried but there's no one to chat with and feel I need help quickly. Thanks,

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I don't think my problem is the same, but it's just as (or more) serious.

an hour or 2 ago, I installed Garmin express software so that I could update maps on my GPS.

It couldn't find my GPS online and said try again. I did and still nothing. I went to another page - like google.news

and it said I had no internet connection.  Sure enough PC had no network connection.

I couldn't find the problem to restore network Then I thought I'd run an unscheduled MBAM scan

to see if it could locate any problems on that machine. Lo and behold, the MBAM desktop icon

was gone as was the entire Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware folder where all the .exe files/etc were located.

I have no idea if its coincidental and no real idea when the MBAM folder disappeared.  I did a system restore

to yesterday Dec 5 (it was my only choice) but didn't help.

Does MBAM support keep logs of results of my personal scans? not likely, but I would be interested when it disappeared

from my PC. Ive entered a support request and have a ticket number.

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Follow up to my "I don't think my problem is the same, but it's just as (or more) serious"post.


I continued searching for any MBAM files, and it looks like an attempt was made 11/22/17 to upgrade my PC to

MBAM-C product version a large log file (892KB) was created and it appears the upgrade failed.

I guess I have been without MBAM protection since 11/22/17?

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