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Encrypted keystrokes (anti-keylogging module)


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With everything that is happening right now, I think keystroke security is underrepresented.

I am heavily paranoid of undetectable malware (FUDS). I worry about my keystrokes getting logged by keyloggers. It limits my freedom and speech. I feel that I can't right without keystroke protection of some sort.

Please imtroduce a module that will help free speech. We are always getting watched and spying changes our behavior more than we can talk about in this day and age.

Please inquire to me.


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All anti malware cover keyloggers.  They are just another type of trojan.  Some are in fact legal.  It is legal for an employer in the USA to employ a keylogging software on their corporate furnished equipment but it is  not legal to put a keylogger on another person's computer such as a Girl/Boy Friend.

All tools created for so-called Free Speech are a double-edged sword.  After they are deployed and get to be known, they are then used for Abuse.  A perfect example is the Tor Network.  Ransomware loves Tor.  Many Proxy Servers that are used in countries have been usurped by spammers.  A perfect example would be the Chinese knockoff web sites selling fake Nike and other faux retail products.  The site owners then generate spam through such services.




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Thank you exile360 & David H. Lipman for your responses.

That is crazy David when employers deploy keyloggers in the employee's. I think that hinders the minds of the faculty.

Thanks exile360 for giving my suggestion out to the product team. I really appreciate treating other people's suggestions as noteworthy.

Thanks so much you guys. Have a tremendously great week.

Sebastian  。◕‿◕。

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