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  1. It's still not registering on machine with the MWB 4.1 update. Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Thanks for your explanation. Can I message you the logs VIA private message. I am willing to do it this way. Thank you.
  3. I used the repair process, and it's still not registering in Windows Defender / Security Center... I did the repair process with the Official tool. I have seen other Anti-virus software, that hardly ever has this problem. It seems like it's not up to me at this point.
  4. @Firefox@Porthos Which boxes should I check for the repair Process? Do I need all of the boxes checked for this issue... or just one of them. The less boxes checked, the better for me probably. Thanks guys
  5. @Porthos Malwarebytes is not listed in Defender at all... The company Malwarebytes is not showing up in here, regardless if it's on... or off.
  6. @exile360 I tried to turn the setting off and on. It still doesn't work. Defender doesn't see it.
  7. I want to send you a direct message with the logs, I just gathered them.
  8. Sometimes Malwarebytes doesn't register in Windows Security / Defender. I have the option turned on, and sometimes it doesn't register. My computer falls asleep now. Everything is stable for me right now Thank you for working so hard Malwarebytes team.
  9. Thank you Malwarebytes! Thank you for all of the Developers that work on Malwarebytes. You guys are working on super complex software. I admire that, amazing achievements everyday @Malwarebytes.
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