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  1. @Porthos Malwarebytes is not listed in Defender at all... The company Malwarebytes is not showing up in here, regardless if it's on... or off.
  2. @exile360 I tried to turn the setting off and on. It still doesn't work. Defender doesn't see it.
  3. Sometimes Malwarebytes doesn't register in Windows Security / Defender. I have the option turned on, and sometimes it doesn't register. My computer falls asleep now. Everything is stable for me right now Thank you for working so hard Malwarebytes team.
  4. Thank you Malwarebytes! Thank you for all of the Developers that work on Malwarebytes. You guys are working on super complex software. I admire that, amazing achievements everyday @Malwarebytes.
  5. In the last couple of updates of Malwarebytes, I have been having problems with my computer going to sleep. It doesn't go to sleep, so I have to turn it off with the power button. Going to sleep often works the first time, then if I put my computer to sleep again, it doesn't go to sleep. Then I figured out that Malwarebytes was messing this up, when I quit it, and then I can put my computer to sleep 10 consecutive times. My sleep mode works when I quit Malwarebytes. I can't believe this happened. It's really frustrating. This is the root cause of my computer not falling asleep. I hope you guys make sure this never happens again! I lost webpages due to this! This is for real!
  6. @LiquidTension Thank you! I just wanted to let you awesome guys know.... Thank you for helping others! You truly help others with so many things! I love Malwarebytes, and the company. And this program will protect us during the Holidays. Enjoy nice coffee, and have fun times. Thank you so much.
  7. It says in security providers that Malwarebytes is off... even though it's on.
  8. If I turn off real-time protection manually in Windows Security / Defender... then Malwarebytes is the main security provider... then Windows Security real-time protection is no longer on... since I don't like having two programs running at the same time... Everything else with Malwarebytes 4 is super good. I really like you guys.. You are super helpful, and kind. Thank you, and have nice upcoming holidays.
  9. I am running the latest version of WIndows 10 1909, and it seems that the new version update changed the way security programs... registers as legitimate software for Windows Security Center. So there's two active running antivirus programs running at the same time... instead of just one. So it has a performance impact.
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