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  1. Thank you for your quick response. I really appreciate this. I like Ublock Origin's Opensource - Permissions, Github Wiki. If you search for this in a search engine, this opensource plugin on Github has a simple explanation why it needs access for ex: "access Your data on all web sites". It's very interesting, and awesome to read. I feel more comfortable when I am using this extension because of this. Partial [text] of Ublock Origin's Permission's Wiki: "Access your data on all web sites" Since first version. To be able to inspect all net requests so that they can be cancelled if needed. Only on http- and https-based URL addresses. See code: chrome.webRequest "Access your tabs and browsing activity" Since first version. This is necessary to be able to: Create new tabs (when you click on a filter list, to see its content) To detect when a tab is added or removed: To update badge To flush from memory internal data structures To find out which tab is currently active (to fill popup menu with associated stats/settings) To be able to inject the element picker script To implement the popup-blocker _____________________________________ I like Malwarebytes explanation of what Ublock Origin does in one of its blog posts. Malwarebytes Blog post: How to block ads like a pro... [ Several of the tools we’ll cover use sets of rules, known as filter lists, to help determine what should be blocked. These lists are created by individuals, open-source communities, and private organizations ].
  2. Suggestion: Blog post about specifics of Malwarebytes Browser Guard Data Collection to servers . What's gets sent out, and what's kept local on the machine. Also this would be sort of nice, if it looked like those articles on how certain types of Malware works. I know this may be kind of a stretch, but this shows that we can trust this software more, if we know how & what specific data is sent out.
  3. Thank you for the response @gatortail. You're a good product manager that knows how this product really works. I really appreciate your true character of transparency. You are really trying the best you can, where you're making a balance between a user's privacy rights & active service protection of the user. I hope you have an awesome day Matt. I am grateful for your care, about all the products you work on, on the behalf of Malwarebytes.
  4. I don't get how this browser extension is good for privacy when it's tied to an email address. Does that mean that the data collected by Malwarebytes, is tied to the user's email address that was entered upon activation of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension? This is kind of weird to me. Is an email address upon activation a direct pointer to a user's activity logs?
  5. Hey, Thanks for your enlightening response exile360. I totally appreciate this.
  6. I decided to disable this because I've heard of Kaspersky's injections of Javascript to keep evaluate user data. I don't know if Malwarebytes Extension is actually trustworthy. Warning: A Security Flaw In Kaspersky AntiVirus Lets Hackers Spy Users Online, Millions At Risk
  7. Thank you to the Malwarebytes team that develops this software for every supported platform. I know it can get hard during projects, and also have many fun moments too. I just want to let you know you guys deserve the best in life. You are protecting people from quite a lot of mental suffering from Malware, etc... I honestly think Malwarebytes is going to be #1 soon. So, I'm not going to be surprised.
  8. Malwarebytes Extension protected me today from unwanted software due to reputation. I thought this was fabulous. It's good because it prevents these 'objects' from being on the machine in the first place! Thank you developers of the Malwarebytes Extension! You're truly special, and mindful... to develop such a tool for us. I feel a lot more explorative when it comes to my online education, because I feel safe. When we feel safe, we learn better.
  9. I figured this out too! Passions makes me work so seamlessly! Just look at how many posts that you've made! Over 20,000 posts! This is really intriguing to me! I love computers too! That is why I want to take care of the Malwarebytes community, and program. I am passionate about the Malwarebytes forum. 😀
  10. You are really Smart! My goodness me. Thank you! It's really fascinating how many things you know! You read so much! I am going to read through the article a bit! Here's a virtual coffee from me: ☕
  11. Thanks for all of your suggestions exile360! I tried both of these things. Malwarebytes isn't the issue then huh? I always like you in the forums.. you are really cheering up my last few bad days... Thank you so much!
  12. Okay. I deactivated Malwarebytes, and restarted my computer. I think it's just the latest Windows 10 update. I don't think it's malwarebytes anymore. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  13. The issue still exists with Adobe Creative Cloud Sync. I am curious if the startup of Malwarebytes affects a system process from running at startup.
  14. in files explorer BTW it maybe just my computer... I just posted this just in case for fellow users.... or the latest windows update is funky a bit.
  15. I have the latest build of windows 1809. Running latest Malwarebytes... absolutely check... 3.71... just in case of doubts..../ Gut feeling... either exploit protection... or ransomware module............
  16. Sync icons in windows explorer not showing up. Applications affected Dropbox, Google Drive, and Creative Cloud... The files seem like they aren't syncing at all! I think Malwarebytes may be the issue here! ---------------- I am just going to be honest. I am way too lazy to solve this. Just check it on your computers, and your coworkers who has Windows 10... latest build. Ask them if their sync icons show up... simple as that. And if their files are syncing properly. I only have sooo much time in a day... and I am behind in my studies. So it's up to you.
  17. Sorry for the late response! I really appreciate your help fr33tux! Have a Stellar Day!
  18. I don't know what to do with the first detection. It's in my registry and I don't know what it is. Should I remove it? PUP.Adware.Heuristic HKLM\SOFTWARE\c62032b2-0bca-5abc-b458-fd67cfc9e49b Thanks much! (。>‿‿<。 )
  19. Thanks for resolving this problem. I was really confused...
  20. I am trying to put my input in on why all ICOs shouldn't be blocked. And why we should give some ICOs a chance, and block the ones with a bad track record. You can create a ICO Discussion group, and discuss which ones are a scam or not, and not just block all of them! That's just lazy, and unethical. My comments shouldn't be not-approved on Malwarebytes blog. You guys were asking for input from the 'community' when you don' t really want input, but you just want to say that you wanted it for community relations. You shouldn't lie Malwarebytes. For real! Let my comments be on the Malwarebytes blog, because I wanted to comment on the issue whether all ICOs should be banned or not. I take this issue very sensitively because I am experienced with this. Please respond.
  21. Update! When I am backing up my computer with Windows Backup, It is using 15% cpu usage! Off Malwarebytes process not the (Service Host: File History Service)!... Try it out yourselves. I turned off ransomware shield, and now Malwarebytes is back to 0.1% CPU usage.
  22. I think the jump in CPU usage was from the File History service... I am using backups with Windows Backup service... and I seen a spike from this.
  23. Malwarebytes is using 14% of my i7 7700k cpu, and it's all because of the ransomware shield. I turned it off in the settings, and it instantly went to almost 0.1% CPU usage. I never seen this from Malwarebytes before, and I hope to see this issue resolved. I think there is something wrong here. I have to repeat... it is 14% cpu usage without doing any scan, and when I disable the Ransomware shield in the settings, it instantly goes down to 0% --> 0.1% CPU usage.
  24. I agree Exile360 Why do we underestimate Keyloggers in general? No one really talks about them anymore, and everyone just talks about Ransomware, and other Malicious Browser Extensions. Keyloggers can literally hurt someone, very very badly. If someone implanted, or someone didn't know about a 'legitmate' keylogger, that is on their device, they could get blackmailed / can break anonymity in general if the common man is yearning for it. Even though people should never never use Windows 10 as a OS for anonymity, people do it anyway and we still make Privacy apps for it. Qubes OS has it's own virtual machine for its keyboard. At least that is what I heard from a Cyber Security course. I really like this concept because it isolates it from the rest of the system processes.
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