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Quarantine change request


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So we have a police program we run that gets flagged by MWB as a password stealer. 

anyway, this  breaks the program, and we need to un-quarantine it. 

we go to quarantine to see what the "offending" file is and the path takes it way off the screen where you cant see it.  and ther eis no way to double click or copy the info to get the full path

can you make it so you can double click the quarantine item to open a new window to get the full path? or make it "copy-able" so we can add it to allowed items?

that or just a button to "allow" would be useful.


I could submit the file so you could check it out-- the police software company sez its "ok" and to un-quarantine it...




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FYI, you can still get the full path as well.  You just have to drag the line at the top of the column for the path to the right as far as you can, even past the outer edge of the UI itself, then scroll all the way to the right with the scroll bar at the bottom of the list and keep dragging/scrolling until the full path is revealed.  It works the same as manually expanding a column in Windows Explorer when you don't use the double-click function (something we have already requested for the UI, by the way, they just haven't gotten around to implementing it yet, but hopefully they will soon if possible).

By the way, to get the full path you just need to find the log entry showing where it was detected/quarantined, whether by realtime protection or a scan there should be a log entry showing it in the Reports tab.  You just have to find the appropriate log and open it, then you can either copy the entire log to your clipboard or export it to a text file and copy the individual line in question to have the path.

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