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  1. Cleatus

    More machine/learning Anomalous

    I am having a "machine learning" issue as well on or main police software... I will start a new call as soon as I can...whats gong on with all these machine learning issues?
  2. Cleatus

    Cloud Console - Unable to log in

    No redundancy?
  3. thx for the info--if you have any more as you think of, or come across-- post em we (were) working on going to cloud version...about 1800 of em...many on VDI/VPN, etc
  4. Cleatus

    Post Manual Scan Message

    yep-- agreed-- good call breh
  5. Cleatus

    Animation while scanning

    your English is better than my English...and 100% better than my Dutch!
  6. had to put this pic here (I am watching this thread as we are going cloud...)
  7. Cleatus

    Time for a Class Action?

    Do you have any, like, leads....man?
  8. Cleatus

    Malwarebytes so good it's unreal

    I am looking forward to the cloud version--I have a group of laptops that are not on our network (ever), that I will put this cloud version on-- so we can manage MWB on them easily!
  9. Cleatus

    Malwarebytes so good it's unreal

    We have had good luck with it here at work---about 1800 machines. I think it has helped keep the cooties away. We are now going to Cloud version...will see how that goes.
  10. We had the issue here as well. 1. random sites not working--which started to expand to more users (more noticed it..) 2. had network guys look at it with wireshark-- they noticed that requests were not even going out of the PC-- pointing to something on the PC's 3. scans showed no viruses, do we suspected a program on there PC's---I suspected MWB 4. went to this site, found the "fix" and applied it. Did some people lose productivity? yep. Total time to fix-- prob two-three hrs.---- once we found it was MWB. (2k computers)
  11. we have two thousand affected...
  12. Cleatus

    Does Malwarebytes report all keyloggers ?

    Truth. "xxxxxxxxxxxx destroys xxxxxxxx with one, clap back, annihilating tweet..."
  13. sounds like a famous web/mail site...ya browse there yellow journalism "news" and it will randomly pop up a fake adobe site --which automatically starts a virus download. MS defender seems to catch it--wondering if its something MWB should be catching or not...

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