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  1. Cleatus

    Thoughts from the shower.

    annnnd beer. I likes it.
  2. Cleatus

    Thoughts from the shower.

    well nuke, at least they are "trying" to get people jobs. here we just throw $$ at them for life. We have so many jobs open now, employers are BEGGING for help.
  3. Cleatus

    Where have you been?

    no Baltics... yet...
  4. comcast here---think they bumped me to like 150 meg....not that I notice it... spendy too.
  5. Cleatus

    Antivirus based on artificial intelligence.

  6. Cleatus

    Tray icon causing high CPU usage

    getting bigly slowdowns on our cloud client installs we are testing....
  7. Cleatus

    Post Update Pain

    getting the same on our cloud clients. We are testing it, and the folks that are using cloud (over regular installed enpoint) get sloooooow computers if they don't restart daily. including taking forever to reboot. I just updated mine to latest cloud version, and so far so good.
  8. how about a "you need to reboot immediately to finish cleanup==save all items you are working on" pop-up
  9. Cleatus

    More machine/learning Anomalous

    I am having a "machine learning" issue as well on or main police software... I will start a new call as soon as I can...whats gong on with all these machine learning issues?
  10. Cleatus

    Cloud Console - Unable to log in

    No redundancy?
  11. thx for the info--if you have any more as you think of, or come across-- post em we (were) working on going to cloud version...about 1800 of em...many on VDI/VPN, etc
  12. Cleatus

    Post Manual Scan Message

    yep-- agreed-- good call breh
  13. Cleatus

    Animation while scanning

    your English is better than my English...and 100% better than my Dutch!

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