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Premium for Android a part of Premium for Windows?

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To the best of my knowledge, Malwarebytes for Android Premium is a completely different product from Malwarebytes for PC Premium.  The licensing is completely different.  Unlike, for instance, Bitdefender, where you order "device" licence packs and can mix and match Android and PC protection products, Malwarebytes does not licence that way.  You will need to purchase a Malwarebytes for Android Premium licence.

Have a great day.


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Well, I will just have to stay with the free version, as I have a very limited budget, and already have Webroot SecureAnywhere Pro for 5 devices (including Windows 10 Pro and Android) and Sophos for Android (free). These plus MBAM free for Android should suffice until Malwarebytes wakes up and joins the rest of the top anti-malware vendors and allows multiple device licensing.

Thanks Phil, for the head's up.


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Well, thats kind of shitty. I might switch to a different product then, as I don't have 3 OTHER devices in my house. If malwarebytes can't protect my PC and phone for 1 price, WTF do I have 3 "licenses" for...

Sorry, you guys get an F . I like the Freedome VPN, I may go to F-Secure for all my devices, as their 3 device license works on my PC and phone. Convenient!

Get with it, MB. Maybe I'll see you in a year

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