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  1. Hi @Requiemes, It's hard to tell from just a screenshot, but I assume its the device's default home/launcher app. You can replace your home app if you haven another home/launcher app. Nathan
  2. Hi @sky_and_sea, Yes, that is us! You just happened to find the secret key combo to open our Ransomware remover. This feature is used in the case you really did have ransomware and your device was locked by it. We are able to circumvent the ransomware and be able to remove it with this feature. Of course, you don't really have ransomware, so you can just ignore. Nathan
  3. Hi @gaohaijun, Could you do me a favor and Private Message (PM) me some samples? I'm not finding many on Google PLAY, and the ones that I do are not available in my country. Thanks for reaching out, Nathan
  4. Hi @yardbird, Are you still having issues? It sounds like what you are experiencing is browser related ads. This is caused by the way most browsers handle redirections executed by javascript code. Most browsers don't do a great job of preventing these redirects, which also cause ad pop-ups. Advertising affiliates are aware of this, and exploit this weakness. Even if an advertising affiliate is shut down for using this exploit, they just come back with a different affiliate id and are right back at it. The best way to block these pop-ups are to try a different browsers
  5. Hi @Chipperbad, If you could send me an Apps Report as well (instructions in my post above) that would be super helpful! It sounds like UMX and the Settings app is at it again: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/android/2020/01/united-states-government-funded-phones-come-pre-installed-with-unremovable-malware/ I have been looking into this for awhile now, and even have a UMX test phone. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce what everyone is seeing myself. However, if I have enough proof that the Settings app is indeed causing issues again, I'll go ahead and add a detection.
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