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My online account has no Subscriptions or Order History

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When I log in to my online account, I don't have Subscriptions or Order History or anything other than preferences. (Please see attached screen shot.)

I created the account by clicking the link in the email that was sent to me. The account setup pre-populated the correct email address that I used for purchase. Where's all the rest of my info?




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Hello @douglasl and :welcome:

I'm sorry you're having issues with the portal. Please open a ticket with our Customer Support and they can assist you further with this.

Please note that due to a very high volume of support requests it may be a few days for them to respond.

Thank you




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@AdvancedSetup, is a week a normal wait time to get a reply on an open support ticket?

I'm worried that maybe I'm caught in some Catch-22 situation - maybe the Support team thinks I'm not a customer because there's no record in my account that I bought your software. But that's the very problem I need support for! My online account records are empty of all purchase records and licensing info.

I look forward to hearing from them soon. I'm blocked from buying additional licenses until this gets fixed.

Thanks and have a good weekend,



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@douglasl at the moment it could be that long due to the hurricanes that happened, they are short staffed.

That being said, make sure you check your spam filters and junk folders to make sure the replies did not go there.  Also just because it does not show up in the account page, does not mean that support will not contact you.  Do you have a case number that you can share here so when @AdvancedSetup comes on line he can check on it for you?

Thanks for hanging in there... 

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