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Malwarebytes for Android non-support

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I am really kind of angry.  I've used MB for many years on my computer.  I thought I'd try the Android version so I installed it and am getting some empty or blank notifications.  I posted in the Malwarebytes for Android forum on August 31st and have still gotten no reply from any MB staff.

Is the product supported at all by staff?  How can MB charge a subscription for using a product that isn't supported by the company?


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Hi @BillH99999. Thanks for your patience. I see that @AdvancedSetup has answered your original thread here. I'm going to lock this thread and you can continue to conversation over there.

Also, a point of clarification... we do offer support both here on the forums and via https://support.malwarebytes.com. Sometimes both get backed up a bit or we simply miss a message - the latter is what happened here. Again, sorry for your troubles.

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