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I LOVE Malwarebytes & HATE the haters

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I have absolutely no complaints about Malwarebytes 3 and I would be willing to be that that is the same experience the majority of users are having. None of those complaining about Malwarebytes seem willing to take any responsibility for their difficulties. It's all Malwarebytes fault.

If you aren't running Win 10 - upgrade. If you are indeed using Malwarebytes, that suggests you are somewhat security conscious, and there is no sane excuse to still be using XP or Vista or 7. Stop relying on all the other silly AV programs you have installed for protection and uninstall them. I am not a WinSec genius nor do I have any more brain cells than anyone else. I am using Malwarebytes On a Win 10 machine. With Windows Defender. And common sense. I feel adequately protected. And the software is working just fine, thank you very much.

If you are a Win 10 user with an uncorrupted installation of the latest version of Malwarebytes 3 Premium and still experiencing issues, I would suggest looking at the other software you have installed on your computer and strongly suggest that the issues you are experiencing are related.

The staff here are to be commended for doing a thankless job - not to be held personally responsible for your issues and verbally abused. The authors of these rant-filled posts should be ashamed of themselves.

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Well, aren't you just a ray of sunshine.

First, there are numerous reasons for someone not wanting to upgrade to Win 10, such as hardware and software incompatibilities, discontinued features (the loss of Windows Media Center and gadgets—my UPS uses a gadget for monitoring operation—were the final clinchers for me), concerns over security and privacy, forced updates that brick some computers and render some software and hardware useless, etc. Unless you are offering to pay for everyone's new software and hardware needed every time a Win 10 update comes out, you have no business demanding anyone to upgrade to something they may not want.

Second, Malwarebytes claims to be compatible with other AVs. See https://blog.malwarebytes.com/malwarebytes-news/2016/12/announcing-malwarebytes-3-0-a-next-generation-antivirus-replacement/, Particularly this line:

"But rest assured, we continue to support compatibility if you choose to use a third-party antivirus or other security software alongside Malwarebytes 3.0."

Finally, just because you have had excellent luck with Malwarebytes 3 with your hardware/software configuration does NOT mean everyone's hardware and software configurations are also going to work as well, or even at all, so back off!

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Glad to hear that you are happy with the product and have not experienced any significant problems.

However, like many people posting here, I have had  problems.  I don't think that we can all be blamed for being the cause of our own problems, or for posting unreasonable criticism of MWB on the forum.  Most people here seem to raise legitimate concerns and they generally receive the support they need.

My problems have always been resolved, so I am happy with the support I have received here.  The application though, has had too many glitches in the two years or so that I have been a user.  One issue involved the release of a corrupt threats database affecting the whole user base.

Still I will continue to use the application as it certainly has helped recovery in the past and the support is certainly the best I have experienced from any of the applications that I use.

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13 hours ago, TheThornWithin said:

None of those complaining about Malwarebytes seem willing to take any responsibility for their difficulties

Never had any issue with MBAM, starting with V2 and going into v3, in the last 3 years ; Installed on multiple PC's in parallel with a reputable antivirus.

Never had any detection also, in 3-4 years on 3 different PC's, so I uninstall it and run the antivirus alone.

Did not see any added benefit provided by MBAM.

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