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  1. The Malwarebytes Chrome browser addon blocks ALL shortened Kaspersky links on Twitter. If you try to circumvent it by opening the link in an incognito page, Malwarebytes Premium still blocks the site.
  2. Of course, the smart thing would be to Update to latest Windows version and this entire thread would be irrelevant. Microsoft needs to brick all computers connected to the internet that are running XP/Vista/7/8.
  3. More The Malwarebytes Browser Extension is currently blocking the link in ALL the @DarkReading Twitter account tweets. https://twitter.com/DarkReading
  4. The Malwarebytes extension for Chrome is blocking https://12ne.ws/2PoC0EZ which is actually the local Phoenix, AZ NBC network affiliate website: https://www.12news.com/video/news/live_breaking/12-news-breaking-news-1/75-1696798
  5. I reached out here more than a week ago for help and there was no response. I sent the forum starter rakeshsejwal a direct message and still, there was no response. It wasn't until your own aura posted her own request for help that anyone gave this string any notice.
  6. I keep receiving warnings from Malwarebytes Chrome extension. They occur during different operations. 1. After having installed Windows updates, I always have to restart my PC. When I restart Chrome and go back online I will often see one or two warnings in separate Chrome tabs. 2. I will often see warnings appear in new tabs after having downloaded an image from Twitter, for example. I have Malwarebytes Premium installed alongside Windows Defender on my Windows 10 PC and have never been notified of any malware on my computer. Any thoughts as to why I am seeing these blocked dow
  7. Simple fix: UNINSTALL NORTON. Use the tool supplied by Norton.
  8. Could this guy be any less helpful? I call BS on this entire ram1009 fable.
  9. To run your Windows 7 computer in SAFE MODE: Restart your computer - immediately press and hold the F8 key as your computer restarts. (You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears.)
  10. Not using any "program you're using to add the Group Policy restriction on executables running from your temp directory."
  11. First time for everything I suppose. I trust your opinion. Ran MB-Clean. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Malwarebytes Comp Pak - 1.0.236 Update Pak - 1.0.3386. All protections up and running. No further issues to report at this time. Thanks Porthos.
  12. I know about MB-Clean. I was going to try it. BUT - I''m wondering why I am getting this Error 5 message. I always wait for Malwarebytes to notify me of an upgrade. I NEVER manually update. I have NEVER had this problem updating Malwarebytes. I'll go run MB-Clean.
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