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  1. No, I'm just sick and tired of messing with this annoying mess. Seriously, pretty much the only reason I even use Malwarebytes anymore is I have four lifetime licenses. There is no way I would pay annually for the mess it has become.
  2. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the misbegotten nag notices. I swear, Malwarebytes is getting to be malware!
  3. The details will get you every time. I've deleted the annoying thing and now, time will tell if that worked. Thank you.
  4. Your path is wrong. When I go to C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes, the next folder is Anti-Malware which doesn't contain mbamservice. I can't find instlrupdate anywhere in that last folder. I'm using Win 7, if that makes a difference.
  5. Where the heck is the installer located so I can delete the blasted thing? I'm about ready to drop Malwarebytes because it has become so darned intrusive and has too many false hits. Another question: when I turn off Application Updates, will that also turn off definition updates?
  6. This is the one I'm still getting. I was getting another one but, at least, I don't get it anymore.
  7. Actually, it turns out it didn't work. it reduced the frequency somewhat but I'm still getting the obnoxious things.
  8. Rather drastic but that did the job. I made an entry on my calendar to check later to see if there are any reported problems. Thanks!
  9. Is there any way to reduce the frequency of the popups nagging me to upgrade to the latest program version? In the past, I have encountered program and OS updates/upgrades that sometimes were buggy as a flophouse bed (Malwarebytes Premium is no exception) so I now always wait a while before downloading and installing. The frequent popups I've been getting are annoying! Once or maybe twice a day is more than enough. Several times an hour is unnecessary and inexcusable!
  10. Keep trying. It took half a dozen or so tries before I finally got the misbegotten thing to stop.
  11. How the big fat hairy heck do I shut off Malwarebytes? I hit the Quit button but the blasted thing keeps coming back on it's own; the antimalware program has become malware! I also had automatic updates shut off but the stupid program must have turned them back on. Malwarebytes has been having problems with updates since version 2 came out. Hire some competent software engineers!
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