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  1. Yes that seemed to fix it. ON MWB dashboard click on updates current and it will download the latest one. Hopefully that's it - anyone know what smycd was anyway?
  2. Problem is back for me - MWB database is up to date. Seems to affect most websites, not just banks.
  3. sr.symcd.com is being blocked now when I navigate to a banking website. Not seen this before. Generally no such blocking on other websites
  4. MWB3 has been reporting blocking an outbound connection to tf.symcd.com while I am using IE. I don't recognise this website - do I need to do anything?
  5. Thanks - they need all that licence information (that's why it was on my original post!)
  6. Now the above has been resolved can someone please answer my query above? Here is the relevant page from the MWB Website - (minus the licence id's)
  7. Mine looks like this: However as you can see tetonbob deleted the image of my subscription. The edit facility seems to disappear like the application does sometimes!
  8. Glad to hear that you are happy with the product and have not experienced any significant problems. However, like many people posting here, I have had problems. I don't think that we can all be blamed for being the cause of our own problems, or for posting unreasonable criticism of MWB on the forum. Most people here seem to raise legitimate concerns and they generally receive the support they need. My problems have always been resolved, so I am happy with the support I have received here. The application though, has had too many glitches in the two years or so that I have been a user. One issue involved the release of a corrupt threats database affecting the whole user base. Still I will continue to use the application as it certainly has helped recovery in the past and the support is certainly the best I have experienced from any of the applications that I use.
  9. My premium account annual subscription was renewed automatically on 5th March 2017. The details appear correct on the my account page within my pc app. However when I log into my account on the MWB website it says 'expired' with renewal date of Mar 6th 2017. See attached image. Also the recent update removed the application from one of my pc's, something I see others have experienced. It does not inspire a great deal of confidence in MWB.
  10. Same thing happened to me. On one of my three premium installs the application disappeared without trace after 'upgrade' Another MWB glitch to add to the list.
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