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  1. You cannot send it from MBAM quarantine as it is encrypted (or it is supposed to be). You need to restore it first, submit it and quarantine it again.
  2. Well then, if "there isn't a category of existing threat known that Malwarebytes is incapable of targeting ???" , Malwarebytes should be very successful in participating in AV Comparatives or AV Test. Up to that time is only your world , as Malwarebytes employee.
  3. "Can I replace my antivirus with Malwarebytes for personal use?" Mr. David H. Lipman provided a comprehensive answer to this question here: In a nutshell , the answer is NO, MALWAREBYTES CANNOT REPLACE AN ANTIVIRUS MBAM is incapable of dealing with File Infecting Viruses MBAM is incapable or removing malicious code that has been prepended, appended or cavity injected into a legitimate file MBAM does not target script malware files via signatures MBAM is not a historical anti malware solution. So exile360, what is so difficult to understand????
  4. I tried again with "AntiTest.exe" from Spyshelter. "AntiTest.exe" is not detected by MSE as malicious but it is detected by MBAM. Tested on 3 different PC , 2 of them without firewall ; triggered MBAM detection 10 times but NO DOT popped up on the map. I cannot provide logs as I am concerned about privacy (hence blocking all telemetry in normal operation) However, this is easy to reproduce by anybody , so if you will try it and get a dot on the map, I am OK. So far, the only conclusion is, that the map has nothing to do with reality. But I may be wrong (wouldn't be th
  5. In my situation, telemetry was blocked at firewall level; as I said, disabled the firewall prior the test That is funny explanation why you blocked telemetry....I am quite sure the servers can handle millions of transaction , so data from your house will not "flood" them .
  6. Hello, Another user posted a question which disappeared meanwhile... "How to test "Malwarebytes remediation map"" So, I tried to reproduced what the OP posted and I did not get any reaction on the "Remediation Map" I was able to zoom on the map the area I live in (no detection) Now, I disabled my antivirus and my firewall and unzipped a malware and scan it with MBAM. Sure enough, MBAM detected it and I quarantined. Repeated several times. NOT A DOT POPPED UP ON THE MAP. So, how does it work??? On some other forum somebody posted a funny map:
  7. If the process to make sure is accurate and acceptable is so laborious, how come NOBODY involved in this process noticed the missing hot potato, "telemetry" exile360, you seem a nice knowledgeable guy, but statements like this just add insult to injury...
  8. my firewall did not detect any attempt to connect to www.malwarebytes.com:443 , so my best guess is that the member of support tried to "substitute" telemetry.malwarebytes.com:443 with www.malwarebytes.com:443 for evident reasons. The revision would take 1 minute, yet nothing changed. I really do not understand why we need 3 pages on this forum , only to find out what /where /how Malwarebytes sends data from our PCs to outside world.
  9. When the "support article" says the the connection to " www.malwarebytes.com:443 " is " used to verify connectivity to the Malwarebytes servers " and In reality the connection is to "telemetry.malwarebytes.com:443" and is used for telemetry...... the trust is dead.
  10. Read this topic : and see what Malwarebytes is sending over the internet , one way or another: look how a firewall populated with rules is:
  11. Dear Sir, I am positive that Malwarebytes complains with California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 but I do not know how is this relevant for a product sold internationally , where different legislation may apply. As a paying customer I have the right to "deliver" the data you collect or not. That's why you have a selection in "Application / Usage and Threat Statistics ON/OFF" However, even though the selection is OFF, Malwarebytes will continue to collect data, which it is not a fair practice.
  12. Earlier another user advised to "trust" Malwarebytes... The "support article" says the the connection to " www.malwarebytes.com:443 " is " Used to verify connectivity to the Malwarebytes servers " In reality the connection is to "telemetry.malwarebytes.com:443" and is used for telemetry.... Why not being honest???? How do you want tho gain "trust"?????
  13. Thank you for following up with my request. Unfortunately the support article is pure informative; I cannot see any information about telemetry... Anyway, the way the information is presented is impossible to use in creating firewall rules; see below the Windows Firewall Control rules; so, which is what????
  14. There are different degrees of trust; to begin with, my level of trust in Malwarebytes would increase if they will explain somehow each and every connection their software is making over the internet ( 24, so far , based on my firewall). I blocked all but 4-5 , and everything works fine , hence my question.
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