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  1. And all the other Researchers and Developers are stupid and still in the dark??? Malwarebytes did not discover anything: they simply bought whatever product was available on the market, (ransomware shield, antiexploit shield) In-house products (web shield. anomalous detection) are not quite successful, look at the amount of FPs in this forum ... (many reports with 100% anomalous detection which are FP's in fact) So, let's not exaggerate....
  2. Do you hear yourself??? Malwarebytes marketed as an AV replacement means "dich your antivirus and use only malwarebytes" nothing else! What happened with "Malwarebytes doesn't target older malwares than 6 months?
  3. MBAM has continually grown since v1.75 , adding various shields (by purchasing software) and today the compatibility is going to be the main issue with MBAM. Version 3.5 is very likely to interfere with any antivirus which is running on the same computer; adding the exceptions MAY solve the problems but this will introduce additional risks on your defense. Your antivirus has definition updates daily and major updates several times a year; this major updates are very likely to conflict with MBAM and again , developers have to workout a solution , over and over again. On long term this is not feasible. So, either MBAM will became as soon as possible a fully flagged antivirus (by buying a well known antivirus engine) OR slowly slowly user will abandon the software , keeping only one major Antimalware solution on their PC.
  4. What about installing an older version of MBAM which still accepts ID +KEY and after that update MBAM???
  5. The average Joe will never pay 52CAD /year for MBAM to ONLY have his browser protected from exploits when: A. you can get MBAE for free B. you can get Chrome , with anti-exploit incorporated
  6. You can use only the Antiexploit part of MBAM (which is free) on top of Defender. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/malwarebytes-anti-exploit/ Of course the full paid MBAM has more shields, however from my own experience of 5 years and 3 computers ,I never had a detection initiated by MBAM Pro before MSE (or Defender in Win10)
  7. lock

    Firewall Rules

    Yes, most (if not all) filter about port, protocol and URL/IP.
  8. lock

    Firewall Rules

    Do you think would be useful to have a sticky about what we should ABSOLUTELY allow in a firewall and what is RECOMENDED to allow?????
  9. lock

    Firewall Rules

    I have telemetry disabled, yet is asking for connection. I blocked it, and MBAM doesn't complain, is checking for program updates So, if something is determined to be "anomalous" by the cloud will be detected on the spot or is just one way info (from my PC to the cloud)????
  10. lock

    Firewall Rules

    Connection through child is a way of bypassing the firewall rules: for example you allowed "Mbamservice.exe" to access the internet and blocked "Assistant.exe" to access the internet.However, Assistant.exe can start the child " Mbamservice.exe" and access the internet. So far I have: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Mbamservice.exe ALLOWED: 443 TCP to my-device.malwarebytes.com 443 TCP to keystone.mwbsys.com 443TCP to sirius.mwbsys.com BLOCKED 80 TCP to 13678.dspb.akamaiedge.net 80 TCP to crl.microsoft.com 443TCP to cdn.mwbsys.com 443TCP to iris.mwbsys.com 443TCP to telemetry.malwarebytes.com 443TCP to hubble.mb-cosmos.com Can anyone explain what each and every connection is doing and why we should accept it? Thanks!
  11. Anybody can specify ALL firewall rules for MBAM??? Especially I have these: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Assistant.exe 1. Allow connect through child YES or NO? C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-malware\Mbamservice.exe 1. Allow connect through child YES or NO? 2. TCP /443 to "hubble.mb-cosmos.com" YES or NO? Thanks!
  12. ''....direct access to the license activation system and will be able to deactivate the software from your previous installation so that you may activate it on your current one. '' unless you have proof of ownership, they will not do that.
  13. lock


    Why such ambiguity???? "Certainly"??? "the idea"??? "is something"??? "considering"??? MBAM bought WFC to integrate it into the main product. No ifs ands or buts...
  14. Are you familiar with crash tests rating in automotive industry? They use a mannequin instead of a human being , which doesn't press the brake before the crash (like in real life) and doesn't try to steer clear before the crash (like in real life) and doesn't oppose any force in arms (like a real person) Yet , these tests are standard in industry and the rating is accepted by everybody even though THEY ARE NOT BEING PERFORMED IN REAL LIFE SITUATIONS. Your whole argument is only to justify why MBAM refuses to participate in ANY tests ; among MBAM shields the Web protection is the weakest one with extremely high rate of FP ( it seems like the developers just wait for people reaction to "remove the block in next update") So, without the Web shield , MBAM could perfectly fit in AV Test / AV comparative methodology , but when it did it the result was disastrous. So, it seems more profitable to keep alive a myth rather than prove something. In over 5 years of running MBAM pro and MSE, Malwarebytes never detected anything , on 3 computers, so I do not believe.
  15. lock


    From what I understood WFC will be integrated in MBAM, so will be updated with MBAM. If you paid 10$ you can still activate WFC (the one which doesn't call home MBAM) . After integration of WFC in MBAM I doubt WFC will still be maintained as a separate entity.

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