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Blocked website notification

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I recently upgraded to 3.2 and I believe this issue started then.  I am notified of a blocked website by the popup above the right side taskbar just as before 3.2.  The change is when I now click on the MBAM icon in the right side taskbar, there is an option to add this blocked website to my exclusion list.  Question...how to you remove this notification/option without adding it to my exclusions.  No matter what I try, right click or left click, it get added to my exclusions.  I then have to go to exclusions and remove it there.

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4 minutes ago, Telos said:

IDK, I haven't seen this. Did you try the ESC key? 

No, I haven't tried Esc.  After a website has been blocked and you are notified, if you then right click on the MBAM icon,  you are shown whether or not the protections are ON/OFF,  check for updates, hide and quit options.  This blocked website also appears has an option to add to exclusions.  As I said,  haven't found a way to remove this option without adding it to exclusions.  Thanks.

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54 minutes ago, Firefox said:

@pmcjr if you simply want to stop the notification from appearing all you need to do is turn off the notifications.

Go to Settings -> Application -> Turn Off Show Malwarebytes notifications in the Windows System Tray

I think this will turn off the blocked notification that appears when a website is blocked and then stays on for the set time, eg, 5 sec.  This is not the add to exclusion option that I described in the tray icon.  dcollins says above that there is no way to remove it other than restarting MBAM.   @dcollins, by restarting, do you mean quit MBAM and then start?  If you don't do this, I can see these "add to exclusion" options stacking up in the tray icon.

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