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  1. Thomas....excellent and detailed answer. I have only had this Mac for three days and was confused about what Menu bar others referred to. I'm not yet used to the application menu bar and what is on it. You've helped me out there also. You've given me the details and screen shots to fully explain your answer. Thank you and Malwarebytes very much.
  2. Portous....I have spent a lot of time trying to find what I'm missing. This is all I get from opening the gear. The info I'm looking for is not in either of these three tabs. Is this the right v4 for Mac that I have?
  3. Massimiliano....I don't see any of these instructions on my Malwarebytes v4 for Mac app screen. There is no Menu>About Malwarebytes on the app screen and no definition version in Reports. When I either right or left click on the M, nothing happens. Are we looking at the same app screen?
  4. Treed...one more question, please. I've noticed that v4 Mac does not show the release or version number in the My Account tab or elsewhere that I can find. It does say Premium. This info was in the PC version, but I know that Mac Premium is different. Auto check for protection updates 1 hour is checked, but there is no option to manually update. How do we know the current version we are operating and/or if updates have been made? Thank you.
  5. I have installed v4 on a new iMac and transferred my license. The MBAM install went OK and I've set the Settings per your install Guide. The scans are only taking 10-12 seconds? Is this the way it should be? I know MBAM is different on a Mac, but this seems very fast. During the scan you don't get the various stages like you do on a PC, eg, checking for updates, etc. Just "scan in progress". Is this right or is something missing on the install? Thank you.
  6. alvarnell....thank you. I assumed there were differences between the two products, and this explanation explains it.
  7. Why does the Mac have different Real Time Protection? Four real time protection elements on Windows vs two on the Mac. Detection History and Scanner look to be the same. Is there something you're not getting in Mawarebytes for Mac?
  8. When will this be offered as an Auto Update to Premium users?
  9. Just found out you can't transfer a PC license to a Mac.
  10. I just installed the 3.4.4 update and it works fine with Chrome. Just after the update, I also updated Chrome from 64.0 to 65.0. No problems with either.
  11. What are the sequence of steps to transfer a license for MBAM 3.3 Premium to a Mac? Do you contact Malarebytes first or just download and install MBAM Premium for a Mac and then use your old PC license key? Will the yearly rate stay the same? Thank you.
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