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  1. Just found out you can't transfer a PC license to a Mac.
  2. I just installed the 3.4.4 update and it works fine with Chrome. Just after the update, I also updated Chrome from 64.0 to 65.0. No problems with either.
  3. What are the sequence of steps to transfer a license for MBAM 3.3 Premium to a Mac? Do you contact Malarebytes first or just download and install MBAM Premium for a Mac and then use your old PC license key? Will the yearly rate stay the same? Thank you.
  4. MBAM just came back up, but Real Time Protection...Web Protection won't turn on. Hung up on "starting".
  5. Ditto..."unable to connect to service". Is anyone at MBAM today to reply?
  6. nikhils....thank you. I thought I pretty well knew the Settings, but I never saw or paid attention to this particular setting. This does explain how to "opt in" to Beta updates. I didn't know what Becky was talking about. I take it if you switch this ON, then the Install Application Updates up in the Application Updates setting would apply to Beta updates as well? Becky did say you could manually do the Beta update via this setting....as I understood it.
  7. nikhils.... I used the installer link you sent out earlier in this posting. It fixed my Real Time Malware Protection not starting, but it was for component package 1.0.236 and not 1.0.261 that Becky says is the new Beta build. Since I did not opt in for new Beta builds, I tried Settings>Application>Install Application Updates, but it said I was up to date with 1.0.236. I didn't see where anyone posted a specific Beta installer link.
  8. nikhils...I should add that Malware Protection was off after I rebooted from a PUP quarantine following my morning scan. Apparently something in that sequence turned MP off. Question...is the installer link you posted above kept updated to always be for the most current 3.3 version?
  9. See the post below from compaqutor "Real Time Protection Turned Off", the solution just worked for me. This would give you the current version.
  10. nikhils....I had this problem this morning out of the blue Malware Protection turned off and wouldn't turn on. I decided to try what you recommended about and it worked for me also. What would have caused this? I upgraded to 3.3 a few weeks ago with no problems.
  11. Devin Collins...I didn't have it in the start menu, but I added it and, YES, it does still happen. So, you get this disc error message if you click on the MBAM program in Start Menu>All Programs, the MBAM icon you add to the Start menu, or the MBAM icon added to the Taskbar. In all three places, it's intermittent. The only place it doesn't appear to happen is if you open MBAM via the icon in the system tray. As I've said, this doesn't appear to be affecting the MBAM program in ways that I can tell, but it is a weird program glitch. It will be an annoyance removal if it can be resolved. Regards.
  12. Devin Collins...I'm not sure what this gives you, but is this what you wanted? Malwarebytes.zip
  13. Devin Collins...any feedback yet on this? Does it look like a system or 3.3 problem, Win 7 specific, or just individual bad luck for those of us experiencing this issue? Regards.
  14. @Devin Collins.....OK, I did that, but it made the problem worse. With "never register...." set, the error message happens every time I open MBAM when clicking on the MBAM icon in the task bar and not just occasionally. It may be worth noting, that when I open MBAM by clicking on the MBAM icon in the system tray (bottom right side of task bar) and then clicking Open, I don't believe I get the error popup. That method seems much better if not completely better. I switched the Windows Action setting back to let MBAM decide. As I said, this doesn't seem to be affecting the program's features, so I'll wait for a system fix. Regards.
  15. Devin Collins...OK the FRST sounded easier than your first request. Here it is. Is this what you wanted? Thank you for spending a Sunday afternoon helping us. Anxious to get your response re: a MBAM fix for this problem. Regards. mb-check-results.zip.
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