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Report Date/Time Format

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I'd like to request that the date/time format reflect the system settings instead of the format shown in the attached image.





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Hi JonathanPDX,

As a work around until something is done about this: change the display language of MBAM to "English (U.K.)" in settings->Application. This changes the date notation.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please ask.


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The workaround is just as bad as the original.

We went through a whole lot of pain due to this issue with Y2K.

My office went ISO, which is actually logical and the standard in most industries with YY MM DD HH MM SS and it doesn't mess up sort order with that dumb as rocks AM PM thing either.

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With regards to the date format, while it is true that the US English formatting is displayed as M/D/YY H:M AM/PM, when switched to English U.K., it is instead in the format DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM (24 hour format; no AM/PM).

Internally, the system does not rely on localized date/time formats (this must be the case for the sake of API compatibility as well as data correlation when dealing with multiple systems and/or user accounts configured to different languages/date/time display formats).  This means that regardless of what is displayed in the UI, the actual internal date/time format being utilized by the software for its functions must be a machine readable format, like one of the ISO standards (I do not know which one as I am not a Developer) so any issues related to date/time collisions which might result from using any incomplete/imperfect date/time format will not be an issue.

The information displayed in the UI is a function of the language format settings for expressing information to the user and will not cause any bugs/issues, even in the year 3,000 AD once it arrives.

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