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    Hi, Today MBAM gave a false positive for ftp.snt.utwente.nl ( This domain belongs to a dutch university. It triggered when I tried to update libre-office portable. The export of the log is attached. Regards, Durew foute blok.txt
  2. Any way to prevent being asked to upgrade?

    Hi JamesMan, As far as I know the newer versions ask whether you want the free trail, allowing you to skip it. It does require paying attention during the installation and first run. If that didn't work you can end the free trial at any moment in "my account" to revert to the free version you want. Does this help you out? If you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew Edit: removing mistake in response to comment Porthos
  3. Web Sites being blocked

    Hi 1PJohn, I'm glad to see you are willing to go through the malware removal process. Malware removal is, as the topic described, covert in the malware removal sub forum to prevent non-experts from trying to help those with infected computers and possibly messing things up. As such I am not allowed to help you with removing the adware. Please start a topic in https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/7-malware-removal-for-windows/ as the post I refered to earlier described. There they can help you with any possible infection. Once your PC is declared clean I can attempt to help you further over here. I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew
  4. Web Sites being blocked

    Hi 1PJohn, If you think the pop-up is caused by an infection I would like to refer to : This topic explains you to get help (for free) with the removal of adware (and other malware). If MWB didn't catch it I'd recommend going there first. I have more confidence in the people of Malware Removal than any program out there. I hope this helps and as always: if you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew
  5. Web Sites being blocked

    Hi 1PJohn, The pop-up is from malwarebytes as far as I can tell. You should be able to turn it off in in settings->application and toggle "show malwarbytes notifications in the windows system tray" to off. To explain in a bit more detail what seems to be happening. When you go to a site, your computer connects to the IP-address of the website and recieves instructions on how to display the webpage. These instructions may, and usually do, involve loading stuff from other IP-addresses as well. One the latter IP-addresses was blocked by Malwarebytes, and malwarebytes informed you of this. As always: If you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew
  6. Web Sites being blocked

    Hey 1PJohn, As far as I can tell from your story you can still visit favorite site , so that is not the one being blocked. (that would make your favorite website look like this) The ip-adres traces back to an ad-server. (see website below). Malwarebytes is blocking some ads that your favorite sites are trying to display. https://ipinfo.io/ I'm sure there is an option in Malwarebytes to silence the pop-ups. I hope I interpreted your story correctly and that this answers your question. If you have any questions, please ask. Regards, Durew
  7. Malwarebytes vs Windows Defender

    Hi msmithani, Thanks for you explanation. For added clarity I would advise you to keep this topic on 'windows defender is sufficient' evidence. Than start a new topic in 'general chat' for the role of north Korea in malware development and cyber warfare. Than start another one to propose and discuss good computing practices, again in 'general chat'. Although the topics partially overlap (you can still refer to other topics is needed) this division will make it easier for people to read and understand what message you are trying to get across. I hope this helps. Regards, Durew
  8. Malwarebytes vs Windows Defender

    msmithani, I'm afraid I lost track of what you are trying to say. First you state that windows defender is enough on its own, then you advise to use another anti-virus. Somewhere in the middle you advocate to use only one real-time security product and later on you recommend using an anti-malware program alongside an anti-virus program. Is this meant as a general security advice thread? Or is this tread about the performance of MB like you talked about in the beginning? I've lost it. Could you summarize what you are trying to say in a few sentences or preferably, one? Regards, A confused Durew
  9. www.swagbucks.com just started being blocked

    Just for next time: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/123-website-blocking/ is the forum for these kinds of topics. That said, I can't acces the site either however it is not MB that is prohibiting me to acces the site. "An error occurred during a connection to www.swagbucks.com. SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG" Edit: and now MB3 is stopping me from accesing the site.
  10. Scheduled Scan settings keeps resetting

    Hi mrgecko, With the experts quite I'm going to throw in a suggestion. I once had a similar problem with MB forgetting scheduled scans in the past. I managed to fix it by removing MB with the clean-removal tool and reinstalling MB from the admin account. For some reason installing it with 'run as administrator' whilst using a normal user account didn't work for me. (I still don't know why) Currently it is the best bet I've got, I hope it will help. Regards, Durew
  11. Make Malwarebytes less intrusive

    Hi OlafE, That sounds as a nice idea. I expect some caveats around 'self-protection' but the idea sounds nice. Until MB manages to implement your idea, the "Notify me if time since last update exceeds 24 hours" option (in the 'protection'-tab) can be turned off. This may reduce the number of intrusive messages. It is not ideal but it may save you some aggravation. Regards, Durew
  12. Reset Laptop Lost Lifetime Key

    @celee can you help here?
  13. BitDefender Internet Security 2017 & MBAM 3, problems expected?

    I highly doubt whether any AV company put any effort into keeping compatibility with MBAM in the past. I do now that if they don't put in the warning they get the angry customers the moment any conflict between the products arise.
  14. Bring Back Choice for Trial

    The installer. As there is always a risk of incompatibility and some choose the free version because they want no more than a second-opinion scanner I think that the option to choose for the free version from the start should be possible.
  15. Hi gtr33m, My first and probably very bad idea is to mess around with live cd's. Thus I'm going to try a summoning spell that hopefully summons someone with better ideas. @AdvancedSetup I beseech thee to use thine wisdom to help a poor computer user with his/her unbootable PC. I hope this will help. Regards, Durew