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  1. Hi all, The excubits website remained blocked. Is the decision still pending, did the site get caught in an automatic process, or was is found a case of riskware? I don't think that the security software there falls under the "(...) legitimate software programs that contain loopholes or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers for malicious purposes". If it was found to be riskware, why is it classified as such? I am currently using memprotect (and considering FIDES) so I'd really like to know. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/memprotect-support-discussion.388011/ Kind regards, Durew excubits detection2.txt
  2. Hi all, The website of excubits (a german company that sells security software) got blocked for hosting 'riskware'. I don't think the software from excubits fits this description and as such I'd like to report it as a false positive. Kind regards, Durew excubits detection.txt
  3. Hi, It's been a while. I attached the only log I could get out of MBAM 4.1 and the triggering file. (The demo of memprotect by excubits) Please let me know if further logs are desired. Kind regards, Durew memprotect.txt memprotect_demo(1).zip
  4. Hi Exile360, mods, Thanks for your reply. The systray-icon is fixed now. It was indeed a software conflict, part of mbam was missing on a whitelist of the anti-executable (I'm playing with). This prevented part of MBAM from running, as the anti-executable was disabled during the setup of the new mbam version the problem did not occur earlier. As the systemtray part of mbam is back I did not follow Exile360's troubleshooting advice for fixing it. The anti-exploit still refuses to see heapspraying. This was already replicated by @nikhils during the private beta and some exploits are caught so I do not think that is related to a faulty installation. I've attached the software I used for testing the anti-exploit, I could be wrong and perhaps it does work on a different computer. Do make sure to add the executables to the list of software protected by the anti-exploit part of MBAM, otherwise it would be a somewhat pointless test. Regards, Durew hpma-test.zip
  5. Hi all, I turned on logging, rebooted the computer and the systemtray icon was gone. As this also meant that the messages that an exploit was blocked were gone as well this was somewhat inconvenient. After the reboot I launched an exploit it would detect at 9:41, launched all heapsprays the tool offered (wich it could not detect) at 9:42 and the first exploit again at 9:43. As the systemtray Icon disappeared I also added the autoruns-file for the standard-user account I always use. Regards, Durew mbst-grab-results.zip autorunsStandardUser.zip
  6. Hi all, @Porthos @exile360 thanks for your suggestions and swift replies. The self-protection and real-time malware protection are up and running again. No false positives showed up during the scan. The issues with the exploit protection however remains. Just like with the previous version. As I couldn't find it in the known problems list I was somewhat disappointed. @LiquidTension Could you add this to the known problems list? Regards, Durew
  7. Hi exile360, LiquidTension, I've removed the old version and installed the new. The good news is that the FP no longer occurs. The bad news is that the anti-exploit is having the same issues as the previous version. The worse news is that I cannot enable the self-protection. Clicking the switch makes no difference. (rebooted several times, didn't work) The worst news is that the same applies to the real-time malware protection. Does the beta-version have a clean-removal tool that could help? PC specs attached Regards, Dures P.S. Even without MBAM my PC is sufficiently protected against malware, so I'm not worried about getting infected. specs.txt
  8. Hi @LiquidTension, Then one last request. I notice MBAM still having version number 4.0.0. Is this correct or did the program update fail? Edit: the update failed. Need to try again. Regards, Durew
  9. Hi all, The zip-folder was done manually so I hope nothing is missing. In short MBAM picked up the streaming_client of steam. Regards, Durew FP submission.zip
  10. http://physionet.cps.unizar.es/challenge/2013/sources/maurizio.varanini@ifc.cnr.it/B/FecgQRSmDet.m Should contain a matalb-script a fellow student advised me to try. (ECG analysis related). Seems to be a university website. Thus I think that this is a false positive.
  11. "Behave as such" or "being able to prevent live infections in equal measure" is the key difference here. At MBAM they don't seem to believe in fighting stuff that doesn't do anything so I don't expect them to add on-acces scans. In the FAQ (linked below), post 5, this is explained in more detail. Personally I dislike this 'can replace'-claim so on my computer it functions as a companion AV/AM. My main AV does the on-acces scans.
  12. Was the infection active? MBAM is known for not caring much about dormant infection as they don't do anything. Out of personal interest: you wrote "detected by threats when performing a personalized analysis", what is "threats" for a program/service? Could you tell more about it? Regards, Durew
  13. Hi Amaroq, You may want to read the following article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/malwarebytes-acquires-windows-firewall-control-firm-binisoft/ So the firewall seems to be on the to do list. Could you tell what features of glasswire you like that you would like to see implemented? Regards, Durew (home user)
  14. At the malwarebytes employees: I like the dark theme idea.
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