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Problems With Auslogics Disk Defrag


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Starting from today, Malwarebytes start to treat Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro as PUP and send all executables to quarantinne.

I add whole Disk Defrag folder to exclusion and everything seems to be OK.

Unfortunately until first scan.

Upon scan all references to Disk Defrag in Users folder were also treated as PUP.

Whats happened ? I used Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro many years and it is definitely not PUP.

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9 minutes ago, william1955 said:

Auslogics Disk Defrag Portable is a version of Disk Defrag Free.

It haven't very important for me functions, for example boot time defrag.

I am sorry that the portable version will not meet your needs. You can add Auslogics to your exclusions if you wish to use you're version. It can be a tedious operation but is is possible.

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I add Auslogics disk defrag folder to exclusion and I haven't problem with PUP reporting.

But important configuration informations and valuable logs are stored in USERS folder and these are lost after each scan.

Problem was started today.

Many years Malwarebytes treat Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro as normal, safe program.

Today start treat it and all references to it as PUP.

This is strange for me and frankly speaking not acceptable.

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12 minutes ago, william1955 said:

This is strange for me and frankly speaking not acceptable.

I have to defer to staff on that. Or If you believe your program is incorrectly classified based on the following criteria www.malwarebytes.com/pup, please contact pup AT malwarebytes DOT com.

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Same problem here too.  Auslogics has been doing some stuff with their free software but I haven't seen anything negative with DDPro.  I've sent support requests to both MBytes and Auslogics but the results have been less than desired.  Auslogics says they have contacted MBytes but have yet to get any return contact.  I can certainly believe this where MBytes has only said they are too busy to respond so far (a few times).  Not exactly what I would expect where I have a PAID license.

Adding the DDPro folder to the exclusions list didn't work.  When I invoked the program, MBytes blew it up with about 16 quarantines which I restored and excluded, but it's still not working.  I'm probably going to perform a reinstall of DDPro next.

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I"m not seeing any pup behavior with auslogics disk defrag. I've downloaded it twice over the past month and there is no bundled software or any change of settings etc.

Is it not easy to exclude the program so MB does not flag it or its logs?




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Ditto. I am having the same problem. I don't see anything bad from my full version. How can I confirm that it is bad? :(

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Norton also detects Auslogics products in the risk signatures 'PUA.DiskDefrag' and 'PUA.BoostSpeed'.  Neither the DiskDefrag nor BoostSpeed products are 'malign' in any way - this is 'overkill', plain and simple, and it creates difficulty for users to download, install and use these otherwise fine products, both the free and paid versions. I realize consumers have demanded more aggressive blocking and detection of any installers that contain offers of other products - but so long as they have clear 'decline' or "opt out" options, a user has to be brain dead to not uncheck the box, click 'decline', etc., and proceed to install a clean program that is absent of all viruses and malware! :angry:

Shame on you guys for not exercising more discretion, choosing to flag harmless and useful programs under the generic banners of 'PUP', 'PUA', etc.  As others have testified here, it is a bear trying to get your security products to let them use SOFTWARE THEY WANT and that is absolutely HARMLESS to their machines.  Uggh .. sorry for a critical post but I for one am weary of excellent security products like MBAM and Norton trying to play "big brother" for me.  :(

Any reasonably intelligent user can use these programs, both free and paid versions, without risk of 'infection' of any sort.  Why not focus on the REAL bad guys and leave harmless and useful utilities like Auslogics products alone?  Please?  Auslogics puts out some of the very best such products on the market, imho.  It's a shame their distribution of even the free versions of these products is hindered by unnecessary and irritating 'detection' as malware - which is NOT malware at all; and NOT harmful to the user in the least. 

Thanks for letting me vent and, no offense intended the MalwareBytes' Staff ..

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  • Staff


read the first three lines.


This with other reasons is why they are classified explained at this link:


You are welcome to set to ignore in mbam.


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