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  1. Microsoft said: it's not a comprehensive list. that's a good disclaimer. but it looks like endorsements, and there's an old saying that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... the only thing i am suggesting is that mbam contact m.s. and ask them to be added to that list. i don't know if it will have any effect on your sales, but that isn't the issue, really. it's not a comprehensive list, maybe because they only excluded mbam looks like everyone else is there (per my comment "they even included trendmicro")
  2. i mean, it even has trendmicro how did mbam get overlooked on this one
  3. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/18900/consumer-antivirus-software-providers-for-windows btw, mbam should have been aware of being omitted from this list, but there isn't any way to contact you guys to have your team work on this exclusion
  4. btw, i am not a new member. i have been using mbam since the start. i'm still using it because i'm still using xp. abiding by the fair use policy, i've purchased a license some years ago, although the trial version also works great. that's my status
  5. like everyone else on this forum, i am not finding auslogic to be a pup. more than this, i expect an answer from mbam, which they have chosen not to provide a reply. then, when i tried to restore it, it errored out, then my system crashed. i was forced to reboot.
  6. is this all or nothing ? we can't get a trojan from outbound traffic, can we ? we can't scan programs for malware ? we can't block bad webpages ? we couldn't get malware preinstalled on a brand new pc ? to be perfectly safe, shouldn't we just turn our computers off and lock it in a room disconnected ? the point is that we want to get some reasonable use from out programs and our network. if i own a product that's been damaged, and can't get the cd replaced, a reasonable solution is to download it with utorrent. i think utorrent is an awesome program. so my options are either to use malwarebytes to protect me, or upgrade to a pprotected version of utorrent.
  7. these posts are right on. i was tempted to start a new thread with these same complaints, but after a modicum of reflection, knew it didn't need a new thread. i quit using cnet for all the aforementioned reasons. and shame on you mbam for being the leader in malware detection and removal, yet compromising it all by using a dinosaur like cnet. why doesn't mbam route out and fire all the irresponsible employees that contributed to this blunder. definitely be a plus, while simultaneously streamlining the company.
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