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  1. MBAM says Malware.AI.4195089919 says for my C:\winstuff\LDPlayer3.97andUp\ldnews.exe file (attached a 7Zipped copy; you can download and install https://encdn.ldmnq.com/download/package/en/LDPlayer_ens_3.97.exe from its https://www.ldplayer.net/ official web site). MBAM didn't say that this before yesterday's updates and its required restart. Most online web sites' scanners says clean: https://r.virscan.org/language/en/report/7c99fdc096342ed679d88caed8a77629 https://metadefender.opswat.com/results/file/bzIwMDcxMTkyZE9ic19xX2h0ZjRyTUJxWXpx/regular/overview?lang=en https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/dbe0b3cc202c3d690f03098d2e197b64acb5c05fe13b2bd821731969c6b538f3 says one supsicious. https://virusscan.jotti.org/en-US/filescanjob/e0bumjn8pq https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/dbe0b3cc202c3d690f03098d2e197b64acb5c05fe13b2bd821731969c6b538f3/detection So, maybe a false positive? Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :) ldnews.7z
  2. I just rescanned, but got the same results. I exited MBAM and deleted my 12:22 PM hubblecache file to retest. It worked. Thanks. What happened there?
  3. Is it because my account is very old since I joined on 10/2/2009? IIRC, the forum was migrated from another system since then?
  4. I never used SYNC feature in Firefox. Remember, I have the same issue in Safari, Chrome, and SeaMonkey on several devices.
  5. I tried my iPhone's VZW cellular data. It said bad username and password. So I cleared Safari's cookies and history to retry. Now, it says "Your account has been locked. Try again in 15 minutes." Also, I tell the forum never to remember me and always sign in anonymouly for extra security.
  6. Um, even in Linux? It happens in all my devices even in my iPhone 6+ (iOS v12.4.4).
  7. In my Debian box, I used Chrome v79, Firefox v68.4.0 ESR, and SeaMonkey v2.49.5. Is there no edit option in my own forum posts?
  8. Oops. My bad. Too many dang numbers and releases. I just retried in my over decade old 64-bit Debian (Jessie) v8 and had the same issue.
  9. Wow, thanks! So far, suopgui.exe still hasn't been fixed. I will recheck in a few hours.
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