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Proxy blocks the activation


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Hello Bqttr and :welcome:

Using the native Windows built-in zip utility, please create the following .zip archive file for MBARW developer team analysis:

Please create a .zip archive file (not .7z or .rar) of the directory C:\ProgramData\MalwarebytesARW\.

Please attach the .zip archive to your next reply.  Thank you for your beta testing contribution to the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW Beta) project and your valued feedback.

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If you are trying to install Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware on workstations of a corporate network environment, you need to release on the Firewall / Proxy (network appliance) the following IP addresses:


- Ports: 80 and 443

It corrected the application activation problem and starts Real-Time Protection normally.

NOTE: Also check that the Windows Firewall is configured to release the following executables:

- MB3Service.exe (Malwarebytes AntiRansomware Service)

- mbarw.exe (Malwarebytes AntiRansomware Application)

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  • Root Admin

Hello @Allex and :welcome:

Thank you for your input but using IP instead of name resolution and using port 80 is not a preferred method. That will prevent automatic round-robin scripts from locating the best and fastest server to serve up updates. Please refer to: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/AntiRansomwareAdminGuide.pdf - Page 2 - External Access Requirements.

Thank you.



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