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  1. Recently in the past week I have been having problems connecting to the desktop site of Discord and .io domain (Aggie.io), and called out to support in ways to see how I could fix it. I had tried to download Malwarebytes to scan my computer, but it said an error occured, so I tried to save a MBAR from another Malwarebytes forum, but it said an error had also occurred with my proxy server (for LAN). Is there any way to fix the proxy or scan for Malware, And to get rid of PUP's?
  2. Hi, I was asked by Exile360 to open a new Topic for the problem that I had exposed at length in detail on the first Topic: Its name: "A malware prevented me from going on the internet (chrome and edge)" So I kept the same tags for this topic, I used the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. I send you the results: 2 files But as I said in my first post I can not reinstall Malwarebytes Premium that I had, and therefore I can not send you a result of its action. Do I have to watch only this new topic? AND should the first one be closed? Thanks again for your help FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hi, Sorry I am French speaking. I wrote my explanations in French and asked Google for an automatic translation which follows ... (French text at the end if needed) I am forced to write to you because I can not reinstall Malwarebytes Premium on my computer and for which I have a license which is renewed every year. Number XXXXX My computer is a Windows 10 64bit desktop update 1903 How did this happen? 1 Brutally about three weeks ago I could no longer connect to the internet via Chrome or Edge. It was stated that the proxy address was erratic. But I had never asked to go through a Proxy. Searching in "settings" I saw on the one hand that the passage through the Proxy was activated and especially that as soon as I asked to disable it, the record button was grayed out. There was nothing to do. 2 I made Malwarebytes Premium act Who agreed to work twice without discovering anything. But I had two times, using it, a blue screen of brutal shutdown of Windows which closed, without possibility of backup, to restart. In his operation he indicated however that he had made his update ... 3 I thought of calling Kaspersky's Hotline. They could not do anything and after many requests and diagnoses, such as removing the software "Avanquest Update", they asked me to completely uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security with one of their tools to install the latest version of KIS ... I did not do it because once uninstalled, I had no way to go on the net to reinstall the latest version ... 4 I searched on the Forums (from another computer) and there I saw on CNET that a member had been saved after use of ZHPDiag ZHPCleaner AdwCleaner Malwarebytes ZHPDiag again Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Delfix to purge all tools used <>1.2.https://forums.cnetfrance.fr/topic/1402093-impossible-de-decocher-quot-utiliser-un-serveur-proxyquot/ A clarification: for this user Firefox continued to work unlike Chrome and Edge. The master called the wicked a "Hijacker" 5 It seemed complicated to me and I called a computer scientist who started the computer on a Windows 10 on a USB key and had a software "DoctorWEB" (I'm not sure of the spelling) . We found 4 dangerous files emanating from Avanquest. He has uninstalled all Avanquest software and cleaned in all the registry of all remainings of Avanquest. And he deleted the Proxy Server that I no longer have. He explained to me that it was only used when the internet long ago was very slow ... I found the use of Chrome and Edge. Everything was fine until the moment or yesterday ... 6 I wanted to use again Malwarebytes I had left permanently open and there, BLUE SCREEN ... restart. New attempt and again BLUE SCREEN. 7 I wanted to uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes. On your site I tried to do it with the first premium version I downloaded. Failed, start of installation, it extracts the files and requests a restart. Restrat done, nothing happens but if we click on the icon that was installed on the desktop, we got an error message! "Unable to start" "Unable to connect the service" I renewed this with three versions including the trial version, and a version taken on Clubic, thinking that I will put my codes afterwards. All the time FAIL! I can not reinstall. Thank you for getting me out of this big problem as soon as possible
  4. What does Malwarebytes for Mac do, if anything, to protect against phishing? As we all know, that is the main threat vector and I want to put something on my mother's Macbook to protect her against some of the more clever phishing attempts as she is not very technically inclined. I didn't see anything on the product page that specifically referenced phishing protection...
  5. I have Hp 350G1, running windows 10 64 bit recently I notice that manual proxy setting are turned on on the settings every time it turn it off i find it turned on again ? and this is the values : Address: http=;https= <-loopback> and my laptop can't open any site without running a vpn like hotspot shield because of that virus . please help
  6. Hi, I had recently some encounter with proxy hijacker malware.May have been some Hijack.AutoProxy MalwareBytes was able to successfully restore the internet connection but the the hijack also locked my proxy settings, so I was not able to change them. So I removed it again.... After 4 years of no software (not even defender) only one malware. I would say it is quite good results for me. Of course for people who don't know as much things, I suggest to have something installed that has realtime protection. The message at that screen was something like: "Some settings are managed by your system adminstrator" Well computer being personal computer, not using in any domain or connected to any work or school accounts, then it was odd. I left it alone. Didn't care much of the proxy configurations back then. Today one of my friend had the same issue. Proxy changed to <-loopback>, http localhost:8000, https localhost:8080 and also settings having same lockdown. Same case, computer used only personally. Since I wasn't able to download malwarebytes due to no access to interent, was fixing things by memory. Was able to fix proxy settings manually by deleting some of the registry keys for "Users/software/windows/currentversion/Internet Settings", same for machine and also checked the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet settings". Also removed suspicious scheduler job. Remembered those locations from time I had malwarebytes installed on my computer and it halfway removed it. Everything seemed ok, but still no access to configuration, but at least access to interent. Installed her mb, scanned and scan showed up nothing. (probably because I removed all the keys it had created manually) Since I have also Windows 10 Professional installed, I checked policy manager. All of the parameters there were "Not configured" both, (copmuter and user configuratsion) so the locking wasn't coming from there. After some digging around in registry found one key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel Over there the ConnectionSettings or something like that. After removing it the proxy config was accessible again under "Internet Options" -> Connection tab I can't remember exact name because I removed it and hoped it works. Same key existed in her computer, removing it gave back the access to the connection settings. My conclusion is, that if someone has the same kind of connections settings locking, then to check also that key. Maybe it ends up in the check at some point and can be fixed automatically. (Of course it might be intentional key on domain machines, so it can be hard to know if it is correct or not) Hopefully it helps someone who has same issue. Operating with regedit be cautious, suggested to make backup of the key you are about to modify or delete. If you don't know what you are doing, you can mess up a lot there.
  7. Hi, for a few weeks now i have been having problems connecting to the internet. The error message referred me to proxy settings were I found out that my pc was always trying to connect via a proxy but when I disabled this and enabled the automatic option, upon leaving that window, my changes were not saved. First I got by by restoring my system, but after a recent windows update all my restore points were useless (my pc was restored to the issue still present). I tried other options like eliminating the proxy files from the registry, and others advised by Microsoft Help. But nothing worked. Luckyly I stumbled upon this forum were I saw that others had the same issue, but they had different solutions, so I will be grateful if you can help me as well. Please find attached my FRST and Addition Thanks in advanced! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hi, Can anyone help please? I have a proxy hijacker that keeps turning my proxy settings on. There are 7 files identified by malwarebytes, which I quarantined then deleted. I've also run Adwcleaner as instructed in previous topics on this. Would it help if I just left the files in quarantine on malwarebytes instead of deleting them? I've noticed on other forums that people have run a program called farbar recovery scan, then people have created a fix for them. Is anyone willing to do this for me? Am getting desperate, my laptop is unusable currently. Thanks! UPDATE: Adwcleaner claims there are no malicious files
  9. Hello, We currently use Malwarebytes for everyones PC at work. We have just installed Zscaler (Proxy) and now Malwarebytes can't auto update anymore. Instead of setting up the proxy in all 30 clients we would like to know where Malwarebytes goes to get the updates. Can you provide the URL or IP address and then we can add an exception to the proxy so that it will allow the clients to auto update. I have been looking around on the internet but can't find this anywhere. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  10. One day, my internet stops working on only this device. I dig around and see that my proxy had been set to something I've never seen. I had to check my LAN settings under internet/network options (which was initially grayed out, so I found out how to open it by changing the value in the registry) and see that I had been under proxy. All sources point to me starting in safe mode, changing proxy settings in the registry, and rebooting. This worked once but the proxy returned. I used Zemana, Hitman Pro, and AdwCleaner to help but they only seem to fix it until I restart, which is when the proxy returns. I feel like I've done everything. Then, I run AdwCleaner just to make sure. It tells me to restart the computer, as it always does after scanning and deleting detected files. However, I come back to login and it denies me on both my pin and password (which I tried to login multiple times, ensuring that I had been typing it in correctly). So I restart again. Now, I notice that the network won't connect at all, but my login works fine. I login and Windows prompts me toe restart after detecting issues. So it does that automatically. But now it's in a loop, forever logging in and restarting, all while being not connected to the network? Just a frustrated user, any help here?
  11. Last week i wasn't able to use my internet banking due to the https certificate not being recognized. At the same time, some websites would not load, and Chrome kept saying i wasn't connected to the internet - which i was, as pages loaded normally on my phone. I reset my router to factory setting and reconfigured the network settings to no avail. It was only then that i found that my LAN is set to a proxy server on Once i unchecked that, everything was fine, but that option gets checked again (with a different port) everytime i reboot. As i was snooping around my active processes looking for the issue, i stumbled upon some that i didn't recognize, most notably one called SYS*MY PC NAMETAG*50.EXE, apparently related to powershell. It's located on the Java folder under syswow64, but it didn't exist until recently and i haven't updated Java in a while. It also eats up a shitload of memory... There's a few other processes i couldnt recognize, but i figured i should get a full activity log analysed by someone who might be able to pinpoint if there's any malware around. Could you guys please help me out?
  12. Hello there @pbust I am using malwarebytes anti malware and Dnscrypt-proxy Here's my config: When dnscrypt-proxy is turned on mbam- website blocking does not work....I turn off dnscrypt>flush dns cache>mbam ip test site>working I have noticed that there is a proxy settings on mbam....If possible what should I enter in proxy address and port to make it work? I tried port 53 not working Any workarounds?(or is this the whole point of encrypting dns queries?) Thanks
  13. <br class="Apple-interchange-newline"><div id="inner-editor"></div> Our proxy server blocks the activation of the new beta 8 release. Which IP address, weneed to share, so that the activation can be done?
  14. Hi I am unable to activate Anti-Ransomware Beta while proxy using a proxy server in Internet Explorer. It works fine with a standard broadband connection and no proxy settings enabled. I can ping mwbsys.com and get a response, but when I ping malwarebytes.org I get a Request times out message. Can you confirm if this works with proxy settings enabled? Thanks
  15. Hello, i was direct by the support team to post here regarding false positives or asking if a file is really a trojan, i have tried to install Socks Proxy Checker 1.15 through their setup that i downloaded from http://www.socksproxychecker.com/ after installing the setup i had MWB detecting SPC.exe as a trojan.agent.msil i am attaching the logs and setup file. MD5:630cbcaa946e26a91c9207970643901c SHA1:3348062de8b6a0ff4cb812ed9195c9ff59f92050 can you please confirm the status of this software? thanks SPC_detected.txt SPC_setup.zip
  16. I need some help removing a trojan, long story short I got tricked into executing an .exe that downloaded a software to my pc (TSearch) which made Kaspersky go crazy with trying to block and disinfect the files, which then I manually deleted and uninstalled (I think) the software. Then I ran Malwarebytes and detected 6 threats, which 3 were Trojan.ProxyHijacker. But I don't know if I completely deleted the virus, so I really need to see if I got rid of the virus, I would appreciate help a lot. I attached the log from Kaspersky and Malwarebytes Kas Log.txt mbam-log-2016-05-16 (19-01-59).txt
  17. Hello! I would like a guide to release the anti-ransomware malwarebytes in squid proxy and firewall. What urls release? Which door? Someone can tell me? Thank you.
  18. Hi, I'm testing the new Anti-Ransomware BETA program. After installation I will get the error message: "Your licence failed to activate". Maybe this is because this Workstation is behind a squid proxy. Is it possible to configure the proxy settings like in the Anti-Malware Version? Thanks for any reply.
  19. Hi, I've had a quick search for this as it seems like it should be a common problem. Windows 8.1 computer - at the "Activate" stage, getting a message box telling me I need to be connected to the Internet. In Process Explorer I see the mbam.exe process attempt to connect to an AWS instance but fails. TCP computername:51625 ec2-52-4-11-233.compute-1.amazonaws.com:https SYN_SENT This computer is behind a proxy and is unable to make a direct connection to AWS hence the reason it's failing. Just the syn packet. I can't seem to get mbam to use the proxy. IE, Chrome and WinHTTP (32-bit and 64-bit (I see mbam.exe is a 32-bit process)) are all configured explicitly to talk to the proxy.In Chrome, visiting: ec2-52-4-11-233.compute-1.amazonaws.comconnects fine and I get an OK message. Can mbam.exe use a proxy for registration? Although I see both: Wininet and winhttp dlls loaded into the process, a quick look suggests it's just using a direct Winsock call. Many thanks.
  20. This thread https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/174405-mb-constant-stopping-69197188122-localhostworld/is locked so I couldn't write there, but this is a reply to that one. I don't think that is a false positive. I had a problem where my Google requests on Chrome for example were directed to a weird, old version of Google. Clearly a fishing site of some sort. No idea where I got that trojan from. What happens is Internet Options / Connections / LAN settings / [x] Use automatic configuration script is injected with http://localhost.world/localhost.local And this downloads a script with all Google requests being forwarded to PROXY I did run Malwarebytes and it did NOT found this problem. Where a simple solution is to just remove that offending configuration script link. I do not know if there are additional problems caused by the same trojan.
  21. Hello, I don't know where is the right topic... because Malwarebytes (free) said that my computer is clean but since a week Chrome close suddenly and after it I found that after this action something change my lan settings with proxy configuration file: https://localhost.world/localhost.world function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { if (shExpMatch(host, "www.bing.com")) return "PROXY"; if (shExpMatch(host, "*.search.yahoo.com")) return "PROXY"; ga = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/?$/;if (ga.test(url)) { return "PROXY" } gb = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/\?(.*)$/;if (gb.test(url)) { return "PROXY" } gc = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/search\?(.*)$/;if (gc.test(url)) { return "PROXY" } gd = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/cse\?(.*)$/;if (gd.test(url)) { return "PROXY" } ge = /^https?:\/\/www\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/s\?(.*)$/;if (ge.test(url)) { return "PROXY" } gx = /^https?:\/\/cse\.google\.[a-zA-Z.]+\/cse\?(.*)$/;if (gx.test(url)) { return "PROXY" } return "DIRECT";}What could be? Could you help me? Windows 10 x64, malwarebytes and another "competitor program" said me that my computer is clean. Thank you.
  22. My PC is connected to the internet via a proxy server. While there is no way to configure the same in Malwarebytes anti Rootkit. I tried to set the proxy via the command line netsh tool but the application won't still update. Is there any way that I can get the latest definitions for the app?
  23. I see MWB can do updates through an authenticated proxy server, but for some reason activation does not work that way. Is there any way within MWB where activation can occur through a proxy server? My machine is not infected. I'm really curious how someone that could have an infected machine would get the trial of this software kicked off when it too also fails when a proxy is in use.
  24. Hello! I recently scanned my computer with Malwarebytes and found a few problems. I easily removed these problems and Malwarebytes asked me to restart my computer. I restart my computer and I opened League of Legends after my computer finished loading. It had been working BEFORE I used Malwarebytes. So I tried to log in and immediately I knew something was wrong when it told me the server was not responding. So I repair the client and try again to log in. Unfortunately, the problem persisted. I went to the League of Legends archives and I found that problems can be related to IE. I open IE and behold, the proxy server is not responding. I have tried to restart my computer, restart my router, and I am even rescanning my computer AGAIN with Malwarebytes. I need some help please! IE is the only program being affected by this proxy server problem (besides League). Please reply soon. -Brianna9
  25. Iv'e noticed that my internet works better, and faster with NO PROXY. So I decided to change the settings to off. The results were satisfying. The day later, I noticed that my PROXY settings are back to normal. I tried several times to turn them off, but with every restart, they change back on. This is causing a lot of trouble. Sometimes my internet just stops working because of the PROXY settings are on. I suspect that there might be a virus, or a malware on my computer that is causing this problem. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance, Snail. note: I have attached to files, one that shows the PROXY settings when turned off, and the other showing the PROXY advanced options turned on.
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