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I am having trouble getting Malware Bytes to run a scan. I have tried all the options listed but nothing works. I have tried to do everything in safe mode as well. What is next? I do not want to download the Farbar recovery scan tool because I am warned that it contains a virus. So, what is next?

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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes :)

Let's try this first.... (rest assured that the Farbar tool is not malicious in any way, it is used 1000's of times a day)

  1. Please follow the steps in this pinned topic to uninstall your current version of MBAM and reinstall the latest build - MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
  2. If that does not correct the issue, then please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs(the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)
  3. NOTE: More info about v2.2.1 HERE; User Guide ONLINE; User Guide PDF; FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

Please let us know how it goes.

Thank You,


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As long as it is downloaded from one of the legitimate hosting sites for the tool such as BleepingComputer.com as linked to in our guides (the "Diagnostic Logs" guide linked to in Firefox's instructions above) then Farbar Recovery Scan Tool is safe.  Sometimes legitimate diagnostics and malware removal tools are falsely flagged as being malicious due to their nature because they contain scripts to perform various tasks for analyzing a computer and creating its log.


If you wish to confirm for certain that it is a false positive you may upload the file to Virustotal and you may also contact your antivirus vendor to report the file as a possible false positive and ask that they review it to verify whether or not the file is actually malicious and they should get back to you to let you know whether or not the file is actually safe.

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I finally found the problem. Something is blocking the service, malwarebytes, from running. The scan starts but the service is missing and will not start. I checked another computer that was running the scans fine and the service was always running. Any ideas what might be blocking the service?


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It could be any number of things preventing the service from running.  As Firefox noted above, we'd really need to see the logs to know anything.  It's possible that there's some malware at work (there are many types of malware, including rootkits, known to block services from installing and starting, especially when those services are related to an antimalware tool like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) or it could just be some sort of conflict or system corruption problem or even a dependency/required Windows system component/service that is messed up/not running that needs to be.  Those logs will give us a better idea and a place to start in order to figure out what's going on and hopefully how to fix it.

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