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restore failed


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Best with this being in beta to white list the program, then do a clean install.


What I do is: 1> white list the installer 2> Install the software or program, then "before" you launch it white list the actual program exe

After that you can remove the installer from the white list.

I have had no issues doing it this way. PeAcE

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Hello shmu26:


Before attempting the restore, had you tried a system restart?


If the computer in question was updated to MBARW v0.9.9.314, and is still in that state, please post the following logs:


Please carefully read How to report a False Positive and for developer analysis, kindly attach the requested files to your next reply in this thread.

Thank you for beta3 testing MBARW and your feedback.

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To resize try this...

1. Move the MBARW window to the left side of the screen (to give you room for the next step)

2. Now click on one of the Items that was detected to highlight it.

3. Now place your mouse as it shows in the picture below until you see the cursor change to left/right arrows


4. While holding while holding down the left click (with cursor left/right arrow) drag it as far right as you can. You will then get a scroll bar at the bottom you can scroll to the right. You may have to repeat the steps 3 and 4 until you can see the whole name.



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