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  1. @moskri 1PW was replying to Viper7iv. I recommend you start a new thread if you have an issue to report. PeAcE
  2. I have encountered a similar situation earlier in the Beta trials, My issue was, I was running MBARW on a test machine with software that was not compatible with MBARW in my case it was Emsisoft IS. If your running MBARW on a test machine or Virtual Machine try disabling other security software and re-enabling one by one till you find the culprit and post your logs for Malwarebytes Staff here: If your running MBARW on a production machine, Please read here:
  3. QUOTE Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware could provide an option to include an encryption service for the persons computer or laptop to stop malware especially ransomware. The encryption service would have a re-direction of ransomware to the Malwarebytes labs and monitoring system 24/7 for the computer and/or for the laptop system files, folders, system files and programs, networks, etc, and anything that can be encrypted including any network. END This has my interest and if it can be done effectively Malwarebytes Dev's are the ones who could figure out the how and why's of it, but this would
  4. This is why in Big red letters it suggests that you "do not" test this on your main system, you assume the risk if you ignore the Dev's warning and install the beta on a production system. PeAcE
  5. I have had this issue off and on throughout the beta trials, a solution that has worked for me has been to re-boot my system once it fails to activate and most times this will cause it to sort itself out. Glad you got it working xwam, and welcome to MalwareBytes Forum
  6. Awesome MB ! Great that your not going to follow the "other guys" trends. What sets you apart makes you the better choice, way to stick to your guns. PeAcE PS now if I could just fix my dang avatar, ggggrrrrr
  7. See this warning every time I download, not MBAM related, MBAM would have notified you with a very dif warning. PeAcE
  8. What Decrypt means by "clean up" is removing the residual leftovers. PeAcE
  9. Thanks Dave & Antec. you said it better, or at least a lot nicer. PeAcE
  10. Greetings faithfully: No software likes to say goodbye to your system, and in this competitive / aggressive market this is not going to change anytime soon. Imagine if when you took out the trash some of it refused to leave, after a while it would be unmanageable. Retailers dont care they want "Exposure" and money, all else fails short of their radar. There are two good products that I have used for years to remove any residual crap that companies think is "ok" to leave lying around in your system. Ccleaner is one, and has a free edition as well as pro, it works well. My personal favorite is R
  11. *PS: Please don't do this if it is for a software you don't fully understand or trust.
  12. Running this on your main OS isn't advisable. That said, re-download the software's installer, and "before you do anything" 1> add the installer to MBAR's "Exception" list 2> Install the software but don't allow it to execute (keep it closed) add all exe-able found in the software's install location to MBAR's exception list and remove the installer from the list of exceptions. For me, in the upper tree field under "Type" if anything is listed as "Application" then I white-list it.
  13. Might be a lil tired lol, Its ok get back to work
  14. Best with this being in beta to white list the program, then do a clean install. What I do is: 1> white list the installer 2> Install the software or program, then "before" you launch it white list the actual program exe After that you can remove the installer from the white list. I have had no issues doing it this way. PeAcE
  15. Here's the link to the full thread over at MalwareTips: https://malwaretips.com/threads/malwarebytes-anti-ransomware-random-musings.55599/#post-473981 Too early for this kind of testing with the program being in the Beta stage that it's in, but Thanks, see my reply within the thread. PeAcE
  16. Thank You for the swift reply pbust, Its nice to know that MalwareBytes has my back, besides VooDoo Shield Malwarebytes is my complete security solution. Some people tell me i'm crazy for only using Malwarebytes family of products, add more they say. I know that layering too much is hard on a system and can create problems so I only employ MB's MBAM & MBAE I will be glad to add MBAR to that list. A lot of security is common sense, knowing what your clicking on, what environment your in, but for the surprises it's nice knowing I only have to rely on one family of products. PeAcE
  17. Howdy Decrypt, A little confused, take me for instance, I bought my MBAM a long time ago, it's the lifetime license. When this rolls out: A: will I have to re-purchase MBAM to have access to MBAR ? B: Will MBAM update to include MBAR at the time of release for paid subscribers of MBAM ? Thanks, and keep up the Awesome work.
  18. Awesome, and Thanks for the clarification I know you guys and gals are beyond busy. Keep up the Awesome work. PeAcE
  19. Removing uTorrent ? MBAR did you a favor, Decryptfixer is MB whitelisting torrent tools ?
  20. Disable SS filtering, reboot, install MBARW, then turn on SS filtering. My sister-inlaws laptop had this issue damn near to the letter, and thats what I did to remedy. I have now installed the beta on 3 desktops and 2 laptops for family and have only seen this issue with the one laptop and it was a HP running the same OS as you, weird. PeAcE
  21. Quote : "2. I've been using 360 Security for a year now without any incidents so I'm highly dubious about the accuracy of the program." Please, it's a beta, not going to be a program that is noted for accuracy as of yet. But as with all Malwarebytes products, once finished it will be a cut above. So please be respectful, these dev's are some of the best in their fields.
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