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It could be due to infection, a hijacked router or modem, or simply a regional ad embedded in their website that none of us can see, all of which would explain why we aren't seeing any IP blocks when visiting that website while you are.

I would recommend updating your database if you've not done so already to see if the block still occurs, and if it does, then I'd highly recommend getting your systems checked for infection and possibly resetting your modem or router to verify that that's not the cause.

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Hi All,

I had the same issue these morning.

I update my flash version, and when I arrive to the landing page, appears the warning “Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website" with an IP address of” .

Then, a banner with adobe advertise that has in the top of the web, has been locked.

I check in mi history document and I do it in the official website, then I use the malwarebytes and the security essentials and nothing bad appears, so I think it’s probably a false positive, because I don’t think adobe has a malware on his website.

Maybe it could be some track program or validate version. ¿ could you ask adobe ?

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ok, sorry becouse i read before all the post.

As i understud, adobe has an advert in his website who belongs to a company who sometimes has malwares, for these reason the program lock it .

Is not an infection of the computer and no need more attention?

Thanks allot for the help

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