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  1. FYI, my site is hosted by a french ISP named "FREE": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_%28ISP%29
  2. Hi, Why are you blocking my site? http://jelnet.free.fr/
  3. Hi,That seems not related to the database because one of my PC's has frozen just after update and another just before. After a new install from "mbam-setup-consumer-" the problem is gone... for the moment. I think the problem coming from MBAM upgrade (directly from the old version and through the web)...
  4. Sorry Sir, but don't try to avoid my remarks or justify that I'm responsible of something when clearly the MBAM R&D is faulty.Your product is not free so you have a minimum to do to be credible...
  5. I disagree ! 1. Many people with XP have problem with 2.1.8. 2. All my PC's have dual core CPU. 3. As the MS XP support is dead, either you have to mention clearly that XP is no more supported by your product, or you must test it seriously.
  6. Same problem for me wih my XP machines. I'm quite sure that nobody from MBAM R&D tested this new version on XP... A shame...
  7. For me, a crappy software is when it is not sufficiently tested and consequently with a lot of major bugs. I'm an old software engineer, I have a lot of software running on my 8 PC's, I know exactly when a software is good or not. It's a shame to release (and sell) a version like 2.0.3 !
  8. Nothing solved ! Further more the is the worst version I've seen, it doesn't work properly ! I'm sure now your programmers are really not good or may be your taking your customers for a ride... I'm really tired to waste my time with this kind of crappy software...
  9. Sorry, but I don't have any padlock on my trash can because there is no misery where I live, or crazy person to use it... ;-) Keep in mind, that I'm speaking only about shortcuts. I don't care if they disappear because it's very easy to recreate them...
  10. OK, but that appears stupid to me. It's equivalent to put a padlock on a trash can...
  11. Yes it is, but it was with the old version. Nevertheless, I don't understand why MBAM is protecting these files. They are not important...
  12. HI, I've installed MBAM over My mistake was to recreate the MBAM menu during installation because it's impossible now to move or delete it. Why the MBAM menu is now protected?
  13. Hi, This problem occurs when may PC awakes after hibernation !
  14. Sorry, I wrote too quickly, I thought it was a known issue... I use MBAM I have to analyse when exactly this error occurs...
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