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  1. The main focus of MBAM has been and currently remains the detection and removal of current and active malware.
  2. I wonder whether a HIPS-type program either added or in addition to MBAM is really necessary. Surely a little forethought coupled with a little less button/link-clicking and ensuring that the radio button for Automatic prompting for file downloads (in Tools\internet Options\Security(tab)\Custom Level(tab)...is enabled. This last bit applies to Internet Explorer - I'm not sure about other web browser equivalents of that option. Just my two cents' worth of thought for the day
  3. Would be nice to get the schedulers for both scanner and updater working on my vista 32-bit system. I've tried just about every combination of settings possible for both schedulers and I've yet to get either to work, or even start to work. Funny thing is I don't get any error messages at all. Not even a straightfoward dialogue box. Never have. Very odd. Never mind, MBAM is a first class malware remover and that, to me, is by far what matters the most. For the time being I've given up with the scheduler; when I have the time, energy and inclination I'll go back to it and see if I've missed anything. You never know I might just get the elusive scheduler to work yet!
  4. When you say "the contents of that Dir"...what exactly did you delete? Are you saying that the \...temp\im folder alone took 4 hours to scan? Could you not have simply deleted all the temp files and then scanned?
  5. In the UK if a dog or a child died in a vehicle under those conditions or a child became seriously ill as a result of such negligence prosecution would certainly follow along the lines of animal/child cruelty. I presume it would be similar in other countries; if not I'm sure somebody will pick me up on it.
  6. Useful to know that; one more tool in the armoury for the helpers although I'm sure they all have their own particular favoured and effective tools for that purpose. Thanks to those who've commented.
  7. Hello It70 and welcome to Malwarebytes' forums. Please read and follow these instuctions carefully. They are detailed but nevertheless clearly written so you shouldn't have any difficulty with them. Thank you.
  8. Okay. I'll bear that in mind, remixed. Thanks for your comments.
  9. ..mm..that's useful to know. The company doesn't seem to be generally that well known in my experience especially as compared with the likes of Avira, Avast and so on.
  10. At one time I used to use this AV; I was having a look at their homepage recently and am wondering if anybody here has used it recently or is using one of their products. I'd like to know what their experience is with it and the general feeling about it. I quite liked it then: light on the system, not obviously intrusive and quick enough to block what it blocked. The US homepage of this Norwegian company is hxxp://www.norman.com/en-us.
  11. Hello Bender, you might want to have a look at hxxp;//www.macrium.com. Their Macrium Reflect product is pretty good in my experience. There's a free version as well as a paid one the cost of which is nowhere near $800, . I'd suggest emailing support for specific information about your exact needs.
  12. Welcome to the forums, mongoose2. Please read and follow the intructions here. They are detailed but clearly written so I would print them out first if you can. Thank you.
  13. Hello TEX1 and welcome to MBAM's forums Please go here as a first step. The information and instructions there are detailed but clearly written so you shouldn't have any problem following them.
  14. I've just logged on to that site without a problem and the page apears to load normally. You might want to try again and see if your difficulty has been resolved. Either way do let us know what happens, Souichirou.
  15. Well...what I never knew before... I hope MBAM staff know about and are aware of this; words cannot express my distaste for these criminals after having read that.
  16. I've had an evening and half a morning of using the lappy with background services prioritized over programs and I cannot see any difference in performance worth writing home about. I don't play 3d games (although I am an active Second Life member, if that counts as that sort of game) and this machine does have 4GB of ram so I'm not exactly short of memory. I've switched it back to prioritize programs over services and will lay this experiment to rest...
  17. ...mm, you make sense, Exile, as always. Nevertheless I'm up for a little twiddling with the system. (No! Not the registry! I'm not going there-not this morning anyway). We'll see what difference it makes.
  18. In the top section "Adjust for best performance of" on a Vista system (this would also apply to XP) has anybody noticed any difference in performance in any way between having either of the two radio buttons Programs and Background services enabled? I think some variability is bound to exist owing to different systems' configurations but even so I can't really see any noticeable difference. Does the term "services" as used there mean only Microsoft services (or OS services, more correctly) or does it include all and sundry services initiated by other programs that start all sorts of "necessary" services? My thinking is that it is all-inclusive as most non-OS services can presumably be stopped or at least disabled individually just as most OS ones can. On Vista Business ed. 32-bit. Edit: got that wrong in the topic title. I can't change that. It should be right-click on "Computer" icon; and then...>"Advanced System Settings and so on. [Why can't we edit our own topic titles...to correct spelling errors or to rephrase etc..?] Also those radio buttons are found under Settings in the top section (Performance) and then under the middle tab. Didn't make that clear either in the topic title.
  19. A very happy, burping birthday, Blaze
  20. P2P ware may be responsible for this if you have it installed. Is it occurring when you're not on line?
  21. Sorry to disagree but my view on this is that FileASSASSIN should be removed and the developers' energies and resources concentrated on developing and fine-tuning MBAM's core purpose.
  22. Won't be long before an MBAM forum prankster/teenage IT twerp might appear using that as a personal signature file.
  23. You been fiddling with settings that you shouldn't have, AdvancedSetup? I'll have to refer you to Exile for instructions on what to do How the hell did you get that screen anyway? Is that actually malware of some description? That must be malware-I'm certain DEP doesn't do that.
  24. mm..that makes sense, Exile. I think I'll test this to check whether Website Blocking is actually enabled when ticked if the other remains unticked. And see what happens Edit (thurs 13th May 2010, 05.53) It does work; that is to say Website Blocking works even with Enable Protection unticked. The change in icon colour from red/white to charcoal grey is useful I think as a reminder that one's realtime settings are somewhat non-standard!
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