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  1. The site also advertises MBAM on its homepage
  2. Can you please tell us the exact operating system you are using, what Service Pack(s) (if any) are installed and what anti-virus program you are running. Thank you.
  3. Hello pleaseandthanks2, Have a look at this topic. If you need further help don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.
  4. Oh YES! For which I'm truly thankful
  5. But this is supposed to be (I think) a simple text log file; nothing more than that. I'm beginning to have doubts about using MSE as my primary av
  6. There you go Yardbird VEW.txt
  7. I have 4 more logs in a second folder in the same path - and they're all in Chinese! Stuck at this point.
  8. MSE itself appears to "work" as you would expect it too; no problem there. It's just those non-English logs (at least I found them!) that are plain weird. I'd love to know what other MSE users find when they check theirs.
  9. This log is not from the eventviewer. It's MSE's log and the full pathway on a Vista (x486) system is: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Scans\History\Results\Quick _24C8A54A_6BEB_408A_8125_9FDDF6BE33CB_.txt
  10. Thanks mt. ...eerm...those logs are there...in Chinese!! Don't ask please!! I have absolutely no idea what is going on with MSE here. Either it's Chinese (95% sure) or it's total gibberish. Time for a teabreak while I have a think about what to do next. mountaintree I've saved this entire thread both as a text file and as an mht one. so you could delete it if you feel the need to. Toss a coin: have Microsoft blooped here? Can members who use MSE check their logfiles and see what they come up with?
  11. Yes please. I'd like to see that information. At least there'd be a record somewhere of what MS plus community has to say. On second thoughts it does make a sort of sense in that MS wanted to keep MSE as simple and automated as possible so they might've reasoned thus: why produce yet another log if nothing is found? Let's give the user some information only if anything is found. In other words keep it as uncluttered as possible with the absolute least amount of logging. The bare essentials, literally, as the name might suggest. Anyway I'll wait for mountaintree's input.
  12. Yardbird, and mt16: there are two log files in, of all places, .../Windows/Temp(!!!). Damn silly place to put them! I've had a look at these and they're not not scan logs. Opened in notepad and you're faced with gibberish The only place I can find any info is in the eventviewer but you won't find logs in there as we understand the term "logs". It looks to me that no formal scan logs are either hardwired in or an option in MSE and that the only logs (if they can be called that) are those of picked up infected files/objects ONLY; so it looks like Yardbird's reply (above this one), is likely to be right. For some strange reason that link (and mountaintree's two links) don't work correctly for me. I log in with no problem and then get to an MS page which is virtually blank! Weird. I can't get past it. No error messages or other dialog; just nothing happening. I've tried logging in there before a few times with the same (non) responsive page appearing. Very strange. I wonder what noknojon's input would be here? I hope he's ok with that flooding problem; it does sound more than a straightfoward domestic plumbing problem.
  13. Thanks mt16 and yardbird for that info; I'll see what turns up and let people know here. Will catch up with you guys and noknojon later. Cheers!
  14. Does anybody know where Microsoft Security Essentials stores scan log files? I can't find the damn things anywhere! A few minutes ago I removed Avast! 4.8 totally and put on MSE, updated, did a quick scan, rebooted and went off line and have just done a full scan. Log are not in my account/AppData/Local or LocalLow or Roaming. Quick look in C:\Windows shows nothing,even in Logs. I admit I haven't checked system32 - bit of an odd place anyway to put log files - not expecting to find 'em in there. So where've they gone to?? Any MSE users able to fill me in on this? [Ahem...I'm assuming that MSE does produce a log file even if a given scan turns up nothing of interest. Otherwise I shall feel a total plonker! ; which has been known in the past ]
  15. Exile, you've gone up in my estimation; I'll let you off not wearing a classic conservative white shirt, you cool dude [i still reckon a semi-windsor knot on a classy silk tie round a neck clad with nothing else bar a rocker's T-shirt will enhance your image, ]
  16. ...mm...Ok, guys, gently put the whisky bottle down and carefully step away from it. Now go and lie down and have a sleep for a few hours. When you're awake I'll make you a nice strong coffee just the way you like it and you'll feel ever so much better when it's all over.
  17. Mr. S.E.Lindsey, I cannot possibly see you in a hoodie; I have enough trouble stretching the mind to seeing you in a baseball cap. Now how about a nice pristine white shirt (pure cotton, and non-iron if need be ) with classical 45-degree collar and a navy tie (semi-Windsor knot please) with the MBAM logo stiched in premium silk in either white or scarlet? Much cooler
  18. Lukas49, try a reboot first; sometimes this is needed in a situation like this. And then try to delete them again. If this fails can you check the folders' Properties. Do you have full permissions on them?
  19. mountaintree16, this is a direct link to the microsoft site detailing how to re-install and troubleshoot NET Framework 2.0 if you ever need it. Hope you don't though! (need it in the future)
  20. Not overly keen on providing an email addy either; smells of future potential customer-harvesting to me.
  21. I know you were, Firefox. I know. Take care, fella.
  22. Not keen on that. Won't be doing that anytime soon. Informative piece though, Firefox. Thanks for posting it.
  23. Thanks for that. Nathaniel could you remove the live link please; not ideal to have linked directly to that social networking site with its admins' ongoing abysmal regard for security. Thank you.
  24. Happy Birthday Fatdcuk. Have a nice one on this UK bank holiday.
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