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  1. Here's the behavior; I can go to any web site that uses the Disqus platform, a set of comments will load once I scroll down to the comments section and if I want to I can post my own comment. What doesn't happen is any live updates showing responses to my comments, up or down votes, or notification that additional comments have been made. Once I trust some combination of the links that I provided, the page will reload and then the Disqus portion of the page will "go live" and update dynamically as normal. I am asking if there's a way to globally "Trust" Disqus so that no matter what web s
  2. I'm finding that Browser Guard, by default, prevents the discussion platform Disqus from live updating. So far I've been able to individually trust Disqus on individual web sites that use the platform but I literally have dozens of sites that I visit that use the service. Is there a way to globally whitelist Disqus for all sites that I visit that use the platform? referrer.disqus.com links.services.disqus.com realtime.services.disqus.com
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I got another re-direct today but it was a different sub domain of servebeer.com than I reported earlier. I also upgraded to IE10 and attempted to set http://*.servebeer.com as a restricted site but obviously that didn't help.
  4. Breitbart News is really bad about pop up advertisements. Every day or so I get one from a sub domain of serverbeer.com that pops up a modal message box; "Message From webpage", that says I've reported this along with a screenshot to Breitbart but I haven't heard back from them. My question is how can I report this site to Malwarebytes to help some unsuspecting person from falling into this trap? The complete URL is http://tnanrohlwk.servebeer.com/index.php?c=RaENOjEayDF925cOxP3ACC60zajgAjCTlcK0liAaKtvKheVQzm+YhzfWz1MPnw1S6zBdyf5HepPwnqAjCQDy4quLyoM"]http://tnanrohlwk.servebeer.com/index.php
  5. I'm in the same situation... migrating from an old notebook to a new notebook. I can't seem to find the licensing agreement but I would like to know how many copies of the paid version can a user run concurrently? Say for example, can I use the same license on a desktop unit and a notebook concurrently?
  6. Thanks for the lead Steven. That's the type of thing I was originally looking for. When I have time I'd like to take a closer look and experiment with that utility. I'm mostly familiar with Ghost so I'm going to plug away in that direction to take care of my immediate needs. In the future I'll see what Clonezilla can do. Thanks!!!
  7. Firefox, You won't believe this but I got to looking back through my collection of software and I already had a copy of Norton Ghost Enterprise and Standard editions. Both were version 6 for which I get the message that the install isn't compatable with Server 2003. I don't think that's a big deal (I hope). I'm trying to get a network boot disk prepared and hopefully ghost.exe will allow me to image the server drive over to another pc. I got a lot of irons in the fire so I'm hacking away at it as time permits.
  8. Thanks for the leads! I appreciate the advice.
  9. I have a Dell Power Edge Server 2400 that I loaded and configured Windows Server 2003 on. I have subsequently decided to activate the RAID controller. When I do that, all disk data is destroyed. I need a way to image my existing install via my network then re-install after the RAID configuration has occured. I'm not interested in paying $800 for a server based product, especially for a one shot deal. Does anybody know of a utility or some freeware that could help me out? Thanks!
  10. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm building up a brand new hard drive in my notebook pc and looking forward to adding Malwarebytes to the arsenal.
  11. If I purchase the full version and run the realtime protection, I'm assuming that Malwarebytes will run concurrently with my firewall and virus protection programs without issue. I don't see any mention of an issue in the product info or the forums... but I have to ask. I use Zone Alarm Extreme Security for my firewall and virus protection. I'd appreciate anyone's experience/insight. Thanks
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