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  1. That depends on which system file it is. Question is, why are you thinking of deleting a system file?
  2. Hi LeoM, that is correct as far as I'm aware. Files in quarantine are not copies; they are the actual files. The "Delete on Reboot" option that appears has never made any copies of files when I've used that option in the past.
  3. Installed it over 1.46 with no problem on Vista 32-bit. Thanks to all members of the team for their hard work in producing this. Acknowledged and appreciated, Marcus,
  4. Thanks Firefox for that. I'm thinking that once the hard drive has been wiped out (a process that seems to occur very early in image restoration) and normally only takes seconds if that then the risk is gone. I have got into the habit of doing a weekly full image on a monday followed by daily differentials tuesday to sunday with an extra full imaging done on the sunday. [sheer overkill married to a light touch of obsessive paranoia and stored on a partitioned external HD!]. I only keep a months' worth though but I think it's worth the space for the peace of mind it offers from the "what if...?" frame of mind that's got to me recently.
  5. ...a quick question if I may... If you have a badly infected system and you want to replace it with a known clean full disc image (inc the operating system created at an earlier time and stored on an external hd) by using a Win PE disc (lawfully created and properly licensed and functional, ie able to restore the given image) what are the chances of the disc itself becoming infected during the short time it would need to be used in this situation? I hasten to add I'm not in this situation; for some reason it's just preying on my mind at present. The disc I have Win PE 2.1 on is a TDK cd-rw and I haven't made it read-only. If I do would it make any difference to the risk? Apologies for the long question. I don't seem able to ask a simple question in one simple sentence!
  6. Thumbs up for Vista Business! You guys have absolutely no idea just what you're missing. It works dead smoothly after..ahem..nearly 2 years of tweaking this an' tweaking that.. ..an' fiddling with this an' twiddling with that Have a couple of copies of XP Pro and one of Windows 7 Pro as spare in case Vista somersaults on me. No BSODs or other XP "freebies" to mess it up
  7. Hello and welcome to Malwarebytes' forum, DaisyYolanda. Please read through and follow the instructions as far as you can in this thread. Thank you.
  8. Hi mbam daz. You'd be better off asking that over on the Macrium support forum here: hxxp://www.macrium.com/support.asp This webpage from their support may prove enlightening: hxxp://www.macrium.com/KB/KnowledgebaseArticle50049.aspx
  9. I'd like to add my voice to support for a password-protected version: I'd like to see one master password (optionally settable) for all MBAM's settings.
  10. Marcus


    Hi WildThing and welcome to these forums. Marcus
  11. Yes, but there's no harm in checking both. Just take the hard drive out and replace it firmly, but with care(!), into place.
  12. Edit: post removed; unneeded. Noknojon has provided a full answer to the poster's enquiry.
  13. Hi Sartori, a couple of things to start with. Can you check your power lead and the firmness of the plug-in point on your comp. Might be worth shutting it down and unplugging/plugging it in at the computer end a few times. Can you also check that your hard drive is seated properly? I would remove it and reseat it just to be sure. Then try a reboot or two and let us know what happens.
  14. jaysf, update your definitions and then try accessing the site. It opens for me without a problem although the IP address does incur an IP block bubble. Current def database is 4750. Thanks.
  15. Is this happening with any other block-incurring site/IP range? It would be useful if you could tell us what other security software/utilities and firewall are installed please. Thanks.
  16. ecg, you need to let MBAM block the site first and then on a right-click the greyed-out "Add to Ignore List" becomes visible; mouse on it and the IP address of the blocked site appears. Just click on it and the IP address (not the name) is automatically added to the "Ignore List" under the tab of that name in MBAM's main window.
  17. Hello health 19 and welcome to the forum. Before the MBAM member of staff who is responsible for blocking/unblocking gets to you please look here. The last bit of Section G (titled IP Ptotection Module) shows you how to access blocked sites. Are you sure about that IP address you've quoted ( All I get is a blank page with the words "It Works!" in some large font or other in the top left-hand corner.
  18. Hello Canukhed and welcome to the forum. Before the MBAM member of staff who is responsible for blocking/unblocking gets to you please look here. The last bit of Section G (titled IP Protection Module) shows you how to access that site. Thank you.
  19. To-be-released operating system to go with the upcoming IE9. Short name for it: XP SP4
  20. Edit: removed. Change of mind. Marcus
  21. Must be an advert link; the site opens for me (with IP block on).
  22. Good to hear that; let's hope it stays that way. You ok, though?
  23. I hope your home comes through in one piece and, more importantly, you don't lose any family or friends during this one. Thoughts are with you.
  24. Glad to see you got it fixed. You could have responded earlier to either AdvancedSetup's or mountaintree16's suggestions and maybe avoided a re-installation.
  25. Out of interest what's happened to the Malwarebytes' Blog page? It's been offline for ages. Is it gone for good? Or is my bookmark out of date?
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