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  1. Ok thanks @exile360 Just one final question remaining - am I best to do the Intel MEI Driver or the Intel ME firmware first? And definitely doesn't matter which order the BIOS is done in relation to MEI stuff? (OK that was two. :P) Really appreciate your input. I'm setting this one up for someone else, so I want to be extra careful I avoid borkage.
  2. Thanks so much @exile360 That's a really comprehensive reply! I appreciate the effort and time that must have taken to post. :) That's interesting about the order of audio and graphics drivers. I didn't know that. This one has both integrated Intel UHD graphics and discreet Nvidea Quadro graphics (it's basically a workstation). There's updates for both, from memory. So if I understand you correctly I need to do anything related to the chipset first. There are actually a few in my list that relate to the chipsets I think - definitely the Intel Chipset Installation and Utility Driver,
  3. Hey forum. Wondering which is the best order to install drivers from the device manufacturer for a PC I'll be setting up. It's a 2018 HP Zbook 15v. The five I'm concerned about doing in the correct order are: a BIOS update (which has a microcode and security components as well as general fixes, so definitely wants doing), Intel MEI Driver, Intel ME firmware, Intel Chipset Installation and Utility Driver, Intel Serial I0 Driver. The rest is run of the mill stuff: audio driver, graphics driver, thunderbolt controller driver, synaptics fingerprint driver, IR camera update, WLAN and gig
  4. Hi. Could someone from Malwarebytes staff please tell me if I purchase the Premium + Privacy for 5 devices, if I will be able to use the license key for this product on my Android phone to activate Malwarebytes Antimalware for Android? I realise the privacy component is not yet available for Android, which is fine, but my question is if I will be able to use the activation key for this option to activate the normal Malwarebytes Android app. I have a two device Premium license which is about to expire, which I'm using on my Android phone and one of my computers. I'm trialling the Malwareby
  5. I came on here to see if others were reporting this issue. I manually checked for updates on one of my four machines today and got the update to 4.2. After the programme restarted it had reverted my premium product to a free version on a 14 day trial. I tried restarting the machine to see if it would right itself but it didn't. Fortunately I was able to simply reactivate it with the same licence. I've deliberately not checked for for updates on my other three machines yet, which are also all running premium versions. Since you asked the OP @exile360 the machine in question is the only on
  6. That's so bizarre! There must be something else that loads intermittently on that login page that MB browser guard doesn't like... I can't think of another reason, can you? I load the page via a bookmark, so it's not like I'm mistyping anything and visiting a counterfeit site in error. If it happens again I'll just keep trying and come back if it doesn't seem to resolve itself with repeated efforts (with clearing browser history between tries of course).
  7. I tried again this morning with FF and got the same result as I posted - blocked. Broswer guard version was 2.2.5. I then checked for add-on updates in FF and this extension received an update to 2.2.6 (which was not available yesterday AM when I checked then). I can now navigate to the site with no problems on FF with version 2.2.6. I then tried on Chrome and that works fine also (I didn't check that yesterday as I assumed the extensions would block the same sites on both browsers). Interestingly Chrome is still on 2.2.5. It seems something has changed in version 2.2.6 for FF to allow th
  8. Hi. Just tried to visit the payroll site my work uses to download my latest payslip but Malwarebytes browser guard blocks it because the site may contain malware. This is the first time it has done this, as I have visted this site every fortnight either via FF or Chrome, today happened to be with FF. The page I was trying to visit is this: https://secure2.ipayroll.co.nz/login Could someone take a look at this? Thanks. I chose not to proceed just incase ipayroll has been compromised.
  9. Hi @gonzo Yes I did wonder about that embedded .exe myself, and suspected that was the reason. Your Fix has worked beautifully. :) Thanks so much. Just tested in FF also and behaving there too. Thanks for looking into that so speedily!
  10. Hi. I recently installed MB browser extension and it's flagging some sites I have used on a regular basis for years, and have never had any problems with. It's the smart catalogue search for a group of public libraries in the greater Wellington region (NZ). Thanks. https://porirua.spydus.co.nz/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/WPAC/HOME https://library.huttcity.govt.nz/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/OPAC/HOME https://kapiti.spydus.co.nz/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/WPAC/HOME https://masterton.spydus.co.nz/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/WPAC/BIBENQ I haven't tested them in FF with the FF MB b
  11. Ahh so that is why I couldn't see it in the control panel to uninstall it that way. Silly me I should have realised. Thanks for the reply. :)
  12. Hi. I'm having the same issue with all 4 laptops here. Version 7.4 will open for a matter of seconds and then crash, and this keeps happening. Restarting doesn't help. I've eventually managed to get it open to long enough on 3 machines to go to dashboard and choose the "remove" option, then I've downloaded a fresh copy of 7.4.1, which launches OK so far. On this machine though I'm having no such luck. Am I able just to install 7.4.1 over the top of 7.4? ( I don't mean via the GUI - that isn't possible because the app keeps crashing). If not, how do I make the programme in "compatibility m
  13. Thanks exile, that explains the differences perfectly. I already run ublock orig (a chrome extension) which includes some malware domains, and also tracking protection and ads. I'm not sure about clickbaits though... I think the main benefit for me would be the behavioural detection offered by the extension. Would you think there'd be any problems running ublock orig and the malwarebytes extension together? Oooh and just noticing your signature I see there's one for FF too. Cool, I use both Chrome and FF pretty evenly these days. I also run ublock orig on FF too. (Not sure why my signatu
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