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  1. Windows Defender + MBAM running both

    Thank-you porthos. I already found that FAQ and added MBAM folders and files to the Windows Defender exclusions, but the question was for the other way around - which folders and files belonging to Windows Defender to I add to MBAMs exclusions section. I gather from replies above I don't need to worry, however this is not what my understanding used to be from info on this forum about running MBAM Pro & an AV both in realtime. You had to add exclusions to both programmes, not just one.
  2. Windows Defender + MBAM running both

    Thanks nikhils, I have already enabled that option to let Windows Action Centre Choose which to register, but that's not quite what I mean. I thought there were files I needed to add to MBAM Exclusion list to prevent conflicts, as both software are running with realtime shields enabled. This was always the recommendation on my past installations when running and AV + AM together - has this changed now?
  3. Hi forum. I'm just setting up a new Win 10x64 CU laptop. I'm keeping Windows Defender as my AV and running MBAM PRO alongside. I have found the Malwarebytes folders and files to add to Windows Defender Exclusions through a forum search, but I cannot find a list of the Windows Defender folders and files to add to MBAM's Exclusion list. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. Edit and Remove Buttons Greyed Out in Exploit Protection

    Thanks John A - I'm glad to hear that as all the other issues I've had seem to be resolved with this latest release. BTW how do you know this is a known issue? I searched the "Known Issues" post, and about 5 pages back in this forum, and couldn't find any mention of it.
  5. The "Edit" and "Remove" buttons appear to be greyed out in the "Manage Protected Applications" pop-up in the real-time protection settings. I could not see this listed in the known issues. I can add things and turn protection off and on (both with the slider and double clicking) but I cannot edit or remove anything. Not sure if this is something peculiar to my installation or not. MBAM 3.0.4 with Win 7 SP1 x64, Avast! free & ZAM. I did a clean installation when 3.0.4 went live.
  6. I was beta testing MBAM 3.0 and currently have version, component package version 1.0.39. Since I installed this when it was still beta software, do I need to uninstall it and reinstall the final release file? Or will it still behave as the final release and get component updates etc? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question; I've just seen notes for beta testers on other forums (for AV programmes) advising them to uninstall and do a clean install of the final release rather than try and upgrade, and just wondered if the same applied to MBAM 3.0. I hope my question makes sense!
  7. Just wanted to say beta version 3.0.4 pro version is running beautifully alongside avast! free & ZAM on my Win7 x64bit laptop. I've had big problems with the previous beta versions. Version 3.0.2 had none of the known issues, but I had problems with the scheduled scan. It would either fail to execute (with an error in the even viewer about mbam), or it would fail to complete the heuristics, or the system would lock up & become unresponsive either late in the file scanning section or early in the heuristics section. I could run manual scans just fine though. Version 3.0.3 had a plethora of issues: real time protection disabling itself, scans not completing or freezing partway through, errors relating to the tray icon & mbam service, and most problematic of all - massive system lock ups which required holding the power button down on each occasion to force a shutdown. When it wasn't completely frozen the system was so sluggish it was basically unusable. In the end all I could do was uninstall MBAM in safe mode and go back to version 2 temporarily. I should add that I had the whole MBAM folder from program files added as an exclusion to avast & ZAM, and both their folders added as exclusions in MBAM. The above issues were in spite of this. Version 3.0.4 isn't having any of these issues. I had one big freeze yesterday that required a forced shutdown but unsure if it related to MBAM as no error in the event viewer, and no problems all day today. I'm so sorry that this is the first you've heard of my issues. I really did intend to be a good beta tester but have been somewhat distracted by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake we had here a few weeks ago, and the 7000 approx aftershocks since (& counting!). I live in an affected area and am one of the front-line health workers, so haven't been able to devote the time to troubleshooting & getting logs etc. Things are starting to settle now (*touch wood*) so if I have any further probs I'll post back & try & be of assistance. Oh, and I read someone was wanting to have the date on the dashboard & scheduler shown in a non-American format - this is easily achieved! Just go to settings and choose English (UK) as your preferred language in the language display setting (found under the Application tab).
  8. Google SMTP address blocked? Really??

    Same here, ever since the last update about 30mins ago. Malicious Website protection is now blocking and in outlook.
  9. [SOLVED] MBAE detecting Spotify

    I'll keep it as it is with ChromeBrowser Thanks pbust. Spotify appears to be the only one of the many apps I have made a custom shield for to have had any sort of conflict /issue, so perhaps a dedicated FAQ for Spotify + MBAE would be a good idea. Love the concept of this software, thanks so much!
  10. [SOLVED] MBAE detecting Spotify

    Yay we have lift off SpotifyWebHelper.exe with the ChromeBrowser profile launches Spotify with no problems. So this is a better/safer option than choosing Spotify.exe with the Other profile? Thanks.
  11. [SOLVED] MBAE detecting Spotify

    Ah that explanation makes sense. Thanks. Phew! I was worried I'd been launching something malicious for all of this time before I downloaded MBAE! OK here is a snipping tool capture of my taskmanager: Which process am I best to add? In my AppData\Roaming\Spotify folder there is a process called SpotifyLauncher.exe too, but that doesn't appear to show in my taskmanager.
  12. [SOLVED] MBAE detecting Spotify

    Yes I shielded spotify.exe. According to "properties" on the desktop shortcut for Spotify this is the process which launches spotify on the following path: C:\Users\[name of my PC]\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Spotify.exe Where would I find "Spotify webhelper/helper child processes"? May I take it that this block is a false positive then?
  13. [SOLVED] MBAE detecting Spotify

    Hi, as I explained above I did try the "chrome browser profile" and it gave the same result. The "other" profile will allow Spotify to launch, but that is the only one that will. (I tried browsers, media player & then chrome browser after reading the post I linked to above). I do have Hitman Pro but it is not in realtime (i.e. not HitmanPro Alert), It is an on-demand second opinion scanner which is not activated and uses no processes unless it is launched & running so I don't think it will be that causing this. I haven't run HMP in weeks. So does that mean it isn't actually malicious, but just a conflict or wrong profile selection issue? Is Spotify safe to launch? Thanks. EDIT - just tried Chrome broswer profile again and got the same result - MBAE blocks it.
  14. [SOLVED] MBAE detecting Spotify

    I downloaded MBAE today and am using the premium trial version. I created a custom shield for Spotify, and initially set it to the profile "browsers" as per the FAQ. I got a pop up from MBAE upon launching Spotify as per the pic below saying it had blocked a malicious exploit. I searched the forum re MBAE & Spotify and I found this post: > it would appear from the replies to the OP that this issue was resolved in version 1.07. I tried using "chrome browser" as per pbust's reply, but the problem still persists. I'm not sure if the block I am getting is the same as the poster in the other thread. It may be a completely separate issue. I find if I use "other" as a profile then Spotify launches OK (it is the only profile that allows Spotify to launch), but I'm worried that doing this is allowing an actual malicious process (i.e. not a FP / wrong choice of profile / conflict of some kind). I hope I have done the logs and zip file right. I couldn't find anything called the "MBAE user data directory" as per the FAQ, so I just zipped up the entire contents of the MBAE folder on the file pathway provided. (NB I did unhide hidden folders). My system specs are all in my signature. Incidentally, Spotify.exe is located here: C:\Users\[name of my PC]\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Spotify.exe - with every other app I made a custom shield for the relevant exe file to launch the programme is in either program files or program files(x86), could that different pathway have something to do with it? Please could you advise if this is something to be concerned about, and if it is safe to use "other" profile in the custom shield for Spotify? Many thanks.
  15. Thanks daledoc & btmp. You know I thought I saw that bit about trying "browser" first, but then when I went back and tried to find it again I couldn't, so I decided I must have imagined that I read that. (Clearly going blind in my old age!) OK I will try "browser" first for all my custom shields and see how that goes. I will keep all settings at their defaults though, especially as it's new software for me and this laptop. Thanks for all the help everyone. Nice to pop in and see old familiar faces too. This is such a good forum - I've learned TONS here.