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  1. Please update your logo,in windows 10 this color it not show ok with dark mode,it is not very good visible in taskbar and in edge browser (extension) !
  2. ^thank you for reply,I understood and I wanted to be able to use both solutions
  3. For moment i unistall malwarebytes,please update and make compatibility with kaspersky! Everything was fine with the previous versions but now I can't support a lower speed on the internet!
  4. exclusions not work !Kaspersky total security 2021+malwarebytes (stable)! i uncheck "web protection: in malwarebytes How disable WFP drivers for malwarebytes only uncheck "web protection" ?
  5. the big problem it is "web protection" in malwarebytes,if uncheck it is ok! you suggest me to uninstall malwarebytes or kaspersky ,your staff can or not to resolve this bug ?
  6. windows 10 x64 19041.450,kaspersky total security 2021,malwarebytes premium 4.2.0 (latest stable) all update,if you install this you see!
  7. version ,1.0.28831,1.0.1017 same problem ! slow internet speed with "web protection" activate! PLEASE UPDATE !!! Latest Edge Chromium (stable) with win10Pro x64 build 19041.450 !!!
  8. excluded/trusted not work,install kaspersky total security 2021 and see !
  9. strange...it disappears and reappears, but it is empty
  10. but why the empty folder in LocalLow disappears and reappears,it is ok ?
  11. I see this folder IGDump appears and disappears in appdata LocalLow,what it is this folder ?
  12. Windows 10 pro 2004+kaspersky total security 2021+malwarebytes premium (all latest update) ,with malwarebytes web protection ON internet speed slow down 40% :(
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