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  1. gicahagi

    GUI bug

    an update cannot be resolved this problem it is very hard ? it is very frustrating !
  2. gicahagi

    GUI bug

    Why gui not save dimension size ?
  3. Please, ask kinguin.net staff and ban this site!!! , I am ticket in kinguin site but not respond anybody! I whant to activate, I have license and I pay!!!
  4. ^i dont now !my key it is on ticket,i whait staff to resolve my cause! but key only from yesterday does not work
  5. Maurice Naggar i buy from kinguin.net,in my account : "This is a lifetime subscription Available devices 1-Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium (formerly Anti-Malware Premium)"+my key
  6. in my account i deactivate all i whait 6 hours,i unisall with malwarebytes tool reinstall... nothing ...
  7. yes please i wait ,i tried evrithing,but after i install latest build 18970 (insiders fast) windows 10 my license not work and it is in black list !
  8. And plese tell me license for vers.3 work with new vers.4 ?
  9. I can activate ,please help me ! ticket 2701398 !
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