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  1. Should I run the FRST as I was advised in my other thread about a different trojan? Any other ideas on how to completely remove this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the help. I was not on site yesterday. My co-workers decided to reformat the hard drive before I could run the FRST.
  3. MB was detecting Trojan.0Access and Trojan.Poweliks.B but wont quarantine. I manually deleted Trojan.Powliks.B and it is not showing up on scan anymore. Trojan.0Access is still being detected. I saw some posts about this nut hey are from a few years ago. Is there a more up to date way to remove it? Thanks for any help.
  4. Sorry I am just getting back. I am running the 3.0.4. Lee I am running Excel 2007 so this is the likely problem. I will email you so you can check it out.
  5. I am getting "Error extracting Endpoint data.: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks for any help.
  6. We have been getting numerous complaints about computers slowing down since installing MB endpoint. MB support said this could be because MB is learning "normal activity". We are now seeing computers completely locking up. Has anyone else encountered this?
  7. When you say "offline" I assume you mean endpoint is still installed on the endpoint computer and you can see it on the cloud console but it does not communicate with the console anymore. We are having the same problem. Computers that were scanning on schedule stop and don't appear to be turned on. I have been using the cmd prompt uninstall the reinstalling. It seems to work, it is just a pain.
  8. Have these issues been resolved yet? I still get an error message for some reason.
  9. Sorry, I accidentally posted my screen name as the topic. I not sure how to edit a post yet.
  10. I am running the paid version of MB endpoint on our network. I am trying to run a scan on an endpoint that is disconnected from our network so I can access the cloud console. Is this possible? Do I need to install a different tool? Thanks for any help.
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