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  1. If you use the Excel Addin, please consider upgrading to v2.0 that I have just published. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2672 Other than bug fixes, I have incorporated a lot of features and requests from you guys. One main enhancement is the management of Endpoint Statuses now available in the Cloud console. You can see summary charts of endpoints with the different statuses like Scan Needed, Remediation Required, Reboot Required, etc. A summary report with these data points are included as the primary KPI. And lastly, there is a "Take Status Action" dialog to take the actions in bulk. Also added is a better way of handling and managing groups. You can filter endpoints by a group hierarchy. Per usual, I appreciate bug reports and enhancement requests.
  2. @syarbrough I understand and love the idea. I do lament that the detection data does not reconcile with endpoint selection. On my list of enhancements now, thank you!
  3. LeeWei

    Endpoints Infected

    @Kalrand no the notifications for Detections Found does not include websites blocked. Good I hope to reduce noise.
  4. LeeWei

    Endpoints Infected

    @makeitso and @Kalrand - you are referring to the dashboard top left most pane where it shows how many endpoints infected in the last 72 hours. This means that one or more threats (any types including malwares, PUPs, etc.) were detected on those endpoints in the last 3 days. Most of the time, they have been remediated automatically, so no actions are necessarily needed.
  5. @Kernel009 the error technically means that the Cloud server cannot service our API request. The API service returns errors in JSON. The HTTP/HTML error indicates that the API service is not reached. So it could be network, the API service, etc. Behind the scene, when we retrieve the "Agent Info", it does invoke as many APIs as you have endpoints identified. It is a looping call. Is it happening for the same computer name? Is this happening consistently, or sporadic? If this happens a lot, I can manage the error better to provide better experience.
  6. @Kalrand, thanks for the feedback. Yes all the datetimes are currently shown in UTC. I have already changed the default to show local time in the next version that I have yet to release (v2.0). It will show the datetimes in local timezone, but you can change to UTC if needed. Any other comments, bugs, or enhancements are welcome! Lee Wei
  7. Hi, anyone here with an Amazon Echo at home? I have created an Alexa Skill for Malwarebytes Cloud and it is currently certified and available. This is the first iteration. Maybe if there is interest and we can all imagine something useful and productive, I can develop it further. Information on the Support Portal 5-min video on YouTube Malwarebytes Cloud Alexa skill on Amazon Give it a try!
  8. Hi all, If your organization uses Splunk>Phantom to automate and orchestrate processing security events, please check out the Malwarebytes Cloud App available for Phantom. Information and Download from Support Portal Here is a 13-min video on YouTube showing the app being installed, creating a Playbook, then running some events through it for processing.
  9. Love it, works for me nicely, thank you Andrew. Lee Wei
  10. Hi all, Please check out the Malwarebytes MBES Excel Addin available. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2679 Use this forum thread to ask questions, report bugs, and suggest any enhancements. Lee Wei
  11. Hi all, Please check out the Malwarebytes Cloud Excel Addin available. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2672 Use this forum thread to ask questions, report bugs, and suggest any enhancements. Lee Wei

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