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  1. @Kalrand Thanks for the information, very useful.
  2. @Kalrand you are referring to the Excel Addin itself is up to date? That makes so much sense, and maybe I should just pop a message (but not too often as to be annoying) once in a while?
  3. Very nice and works well for me, thanks @Taylor9 - once I follow your requirements to install ActiveDirectory module and use PowerShell v5.
  4. @RickyF I have seen this problem but having a hard time trying to duplicate the error. The error is local, and nothing to do with the Malwarebytes server. Basically, the code cannot create a new worksheet. Others have reported it, but then it goes away. I wonder if it has to do with another Excel process running away. Can you please use the Task Manager to double-check. Does the problem go away if you were to reboot the computer?
  5. @AndrewPP, I used and benefited from this today, thank you for the great work!
  6. @RickyF, there is a change in the API causing the error which I have fixed in version 2.3.1. Sorry about that. Lee Wei
  7. @amartilianom, the log files are located here: C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\Temp\Malwarebytes Excel Addin adregistrator.log is the log file generated during installation. adxloader.log is the log file generated when the Addin is being loaded in Excel You can send to me via private message, and we will look for errors. If think you have already done this, in Excel Menu --> File --> Options screen below, make sure that the Excel Addin is not in the Inactive or Disable lists. Lastly, I have message you with my contact info to help.
  8. @wpclau looks like a bug in the code. I determine the available properties (columns) from the first record. So if the first row does not have a "status.last_scanned_at" property, it will miss it. Normally the API returns a NULL value for the property, but in this case, the first row is not returning anything for "last_scanned_at". You can see the data returned by click on "Show API details" button. For a workaround, the list is returned sorted by ascending computer name. So if it is possible to ensure the first row has a value, that will make it work.
  9. @wpclau, this should have already been available under importing of Endpoint Data per the screen shot below. Let me know if you are referring to something different.
  10. @RickyF, search for the machine name in the "Endpoint Computers" button, NOT "Detection and Threats".
  11. A few people have asked for the Excel Addin to support Excel 2010. I have just added that in the new version v2.3.
  12. @RickyF if you want just the detection data for one endpoint, you can do the following. - In the "Endpoint Computers" export button, use the search field to find your endpoint. - Following that, any data extracted from the "Detections and Threats" button will be filter for this endpoint only. This way, any charts and summary will also be for this endpoint.
  13. @RickyF, hah, I have not targeted (designed...) the reports to highlight one single endpoint, they are most meant for a group of computers. This is why we see Top 10 categories etc. I think the report will be very different, and you can provide all the details of the endpoint including OS details, network, software installed, Windows updates. Basically everything that is available when drilling into a single endpoint. Past that, many have asked for the ability to schedule the reports for delivery. Yes both these will require some work, but I appreciate the feedback.
  14. @syarbrough, I forgot to follow-up with you. The new version 2.2 will now report threats and detections only for the endpoints (e.g. group) that you have selected. Thank you for the suggestion and input.
  15. If you use the Excel Addin, please consider upgrading to v2.0 that I have just published. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2672 Other than bug fixes, I have incorporated a lot of features and requests from you guys. One main enhancement is the management of Endpoint Statuses now available in the Cloud console. You can see summary charts of endpoints with the different statuses like Scan Needed, Remediation Required, Reboot Required, etc. A summary report with these data points are included as the primary KPI. And lastly, there is a "Take Status Action" dialog to take the actions in bulk. Also added is a better way of handling and managing groups. You can filter endpoints by a group hierarchy. Per usual, I appreciate bug reports and enhancement requests.
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