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  1. My submission Robin and hungry youngster ✔
  2. Same for me, trouble free update
  3. For me the setting for off was honored after the upgrade
  4. Auto install, all fine no problems.
  5. By the way, just in case anyone was wondering, I will definitely NOT be switching to Windows 10 once end of support comes for Windows 7 . Nor will I.
  6. Good tip exile (Cloudflare's DNS (one of the fastest DNS providers available) Hadn't tried this one before really works well on desktop and phone. Thanks Mike
  7. Please explain what the pop up message was about.
  8. I only asked what it was about, didn't need a lecture
  9. What is this pop up for. It would have been nice to be given some information.
  10. Installed without any problem, scan running and I think the UI looks cleaner and professional. Many thanks great job guys Mike
  11. Sadly, I think this new feature is just another gimmick, I see no useful purpose for it. Much the same as the unclearable dashboard RT detections
  12. Installed from internal updater, been running since released. No problems at all.
  13. Have had it running since release date. No problems at all.
  14. Installed from existing. No problems. So far all working well.
  15. I've gone back to previous. Getting far to many wrong blocks, and no details
  16. IE 11. Thats the only browser I use. A direct connection to translator works fine But highlighting some text and and left click and selecting bing translator is blocked. Probably because of outgoing action
  17. No IP or entry in reports Just an on screen popup to say webpage blocked. Using Beta CU
  18. Auto install. All working without any problems
  19. Should this have been removed

                                                           New component package available: 1.0.212

  20. Perhaps it is like you. They are comfortable in what they have always done. Plus of course editorial in magazines has to viewed with some caution.. Take a bold step forward and prepare to learn from experts in the real world, when it is offered to you.
  21. Installed automatically without a problem. I can confirm that the tray has gone from ALT TAB in classic view. Many thanks
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